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"Our mind is an universe, knowledge is the stars shedding light on the darkness, love is the planets where life can grown and ambition is the gravity, pulling everything together"


First I want to explain a little bit about this post, it's different from the kind of material I normally write about, here I want to show my readers the mind behind the words, I want to introduce who I'm as a way to create a connection between you the reader, and me the writer.

The process of sharing one's true beliefs, dreams and opinions is very intimate, words can't convey meaning if they aren't created with emotions, when a writer is honestly expressing his views, he is showing the deepest parts of who he is to his audience and in a similar manner, the reader is exposing his mind by letting the author views enter, they are literally opening the doors of their hearts as a way to reciprocate the responsibility they have been given, and in that way a collision between two different universes occurs.

The result of this clash can't ever be predicted, if it creates stars, planets or gravity, only the beholder of said interaction can know, but there's one thing we can always know with certainty, that neither of those universes will ever be the same.  

So who I'm?

There's no more precise and effective way to describe myself than to show you my ambitions, I firmly believe that what truly drives each one of us, is that strong desire hidden within the deepest corners of our minds, an unconscious fuel that propel our actions, we are shaped by the aspirations we have and in return we shape the world guided by them.

So here are my three biggest ambitions:

1 - Be financially free by the age of 30, and share my story for those who are striving for the same goal.

If you have ever attended school, I firmly believe that you got hammered again and again with the same saying "The only way to have a good life is by getting a degree on a high paying field and them working until you are 60y old to retire", and if you are like me, hearing this would always leave you mad or doubtful, why would life only have one path? why do we need to repeat what everyone else did to have a 'good life'? why can't each one of us choose the direction we want to take?

Just the concept of having to follow someone else's idea on how I should live sickens me, I'm not against having a degree or anything similar, what I'm against is this constant pressure society puts on us to follow what they say we should do and not what we truly want to choose, seeing what makes each one of us different from each other is one of the most beautiful things in the world, and confining this possibility in such a narrow way should be a sin.

So I don't want to just shape my own reality, I also want to help others to be free to live the way they truly wish, be it getting a degree, creating a business or living by their writing, what matters is having the chance to decide which road they will take, and I will do everything in my power to make this dream true one day.

2 - Create a learning program where I teach people mental models and ways on how to repair by themselves any mental illness, damaged worldview or broken system of beliefs.

Had you ever had to cry until you feel asleep? had you ever felt as if living was just a constant shift between boredom and suffering? had you ever closed your eyes hoping earnestly to never have to open them again?

Well I did, for a long time those kinds of troughts were the only thing that could survive on my mind, hope and happiness where two foreign entities that had no connection at all with who I was, but by having the luck to find the right resources, I managed to fix every single one of those ailments, depression, anxiety and phobias all gone in less than two years, this kind of transformation is something that I really desire to share with anyone that may need it, I believe that if other people found the same tools as I did, they too would be able to create this transformation on their lives.

So my dream is to be able to share those mental models for anyone who may find it useful and I intend to keep searching for different ways to achieve this until there's not a single person in the world needing my help anymore.

3 - Build a company that helps young people from poor households show the potential their environment has stolen from them.

One thing that I can always be grateful for in my life, is the fact that I always had the opportunity to learn, even trough my school wasn't the best and that many of my peers had no desire at all to look for new opportunities in life, I never spent even one day without having a way for me to acquire new information, and I firmly believe that the biggest reason for the state that my life is right now, comes from the inumerous chances I had to learn more and more.

And if I had been removed those chances, I can't even imagine who I would be right now, to be honest I can't even afirm that I would be alive by now, knowing that there are millions of people that never had the chances that I had always make me sad, if every single person had the same chance of succeding, this world would be 100x times better

With this belief in my mind, I will find a way to create as much opportunity as possible for everyone, having access to the internet, to good books and diferent sources of opinions is something that this world needs more than ever, and I want to be one of those who make this wish a reality.


Those are all insanely difficult and to be honest more than one person has laughed when I told them my aspirations, I was called naive, childish or even too optimistic for the real world, and while I do understand why they think that, it's completely irrelevant to me, if I'm living and can choose anything I wish, why not aim for the moon? If I miss, at least I shall rest among the stars.

And now my dear reader, I want to know, who are you? what are your ambitions? even if you don't want to share them in the comment section, try to answer this question for yourself, if you can't yet, it's ok, find your aspirations and start today to change this world forever, after all...

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”
― T.S. Eliot

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