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Sometimes I Don't Get It The Mindset of Some Teenagers

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Written by Β Β 27
3 months ago

Disclaimer: These are just my thoughts and based on what I see.


Having relationship at a young age, I can't understand why they want to have a relationship that even 12 year olds start looking for a relationship. Instead of studying and bonding with family, others have a relationship, and they are still proud of that, ha, at a young age, they already have some bf/gf. for me it's ok to maybe have a relationship at the age of 16 if it can't be stopped, but the age of 12,13,14 or 15 are still young for that. It would have been better if they had a relationship, they are both rising and they are becoming more mature, that's not what happens instead they both become toxic. Other girls want a bad boy, are they seriously looking for someone who can hurt them physically and emotionally.

Teenage pregnancy

Due to the early bf/gf entering the teenage pregnancy and it's ok for them to be young parents. Because of the worldly thoughts at an early age have already had s*x, what makes proud there ? Because others are so far away from their parents that they are neglected, I keep asking myself, do young people today really lack knowledge about adult things or do they just ignore the warnings and reminders of the elders? the young people are becoming too curious about what they are being not told to do but they still do.

Wearing heavy Makeup

It's ok to put on makeup but don't make it too thick, because others put on makeup too thick like put lip tint on the lips and cheeks,which is severe in red . I know that putting on make up is one of the things that boosts their confidence. But for me teenagers faces are too young to put on heavy makeup.

Bad attitude

Bad attitude that others are always proud of, why do they want to be shown that they are abusing the elders, their parents and the teacher? They even show how to bully other people. Is it cool that they are embarrassing other people because I can't do that because I'm thinking about how people will feel I'll do it. The others are still proud that they are lazy, is that seriously impressive. Those attitudes are so embarrassing for me, and I can't be proud of.

Bad Influence Friends

They know that what their other friends are doing is wrong, but they are still inciting them. They are the ones who will tell you wrong things, that they won't pay attention to you if you don't do something but that what they call cool. The others are still doing wrong just to be noticed by other people. The others waste time with toxic friends, tsk, tsk. I can’t understand that they prefer to be close to bad influence friends than their family. Maybe those friends of yours are always there for you but they teach you wrong things and that's what will lead you to lose yourself and become a bad person. There are many friends who don't have a bad influence on us, that's what we have choose, in fact the friend who doesn't have a bad influence on you is also fun. Like my friends we are happy, there is a little naughtiness sometimes but our priority is to study and to feel our respect and love for our family and other people....We never tire of reminding each other of the wrong things we do

Always Using Cellphone

I'm guilty, I'm also one of those who are always focused on cp because that's where my hobbies are reading and watching. But I'm not choose cellphone than my family and friends. When bonding time I don't use my cp because I want to spend time with them. I don't want them to feel that I don't care to them and they are just nothing to me. I don't really use my phone when we meet my friend because we only meet once and if I just ccp instead of bonding with them for what the reason we meet then . others spend more time on their cp than in the real world. Today, using CP is really unavoidable, but I hope our lives don't just revolve there, especially on social media, I hope the lives of others don't just revolve there.

Having 75 grades

Some teenagers say it's ok that the grades are 75, are they serious, yes, the grades don't have the basis of being smart, but will they be satisfied with those grades, in fact, not only can the grades go up in intellect, but in diligence. No one can get 75 grades if the teenagers just work hard to study.


One of the things I don't like the most is the dirt on the body of tattoos, but for others it's cool, but not really for me. Especially for those who get tattoos who are not yet of the right age, they are already pushing their bodies into tattoos and then the others get tattoos without the permission of their parents. I don't know if tattoos are really ugly in my eyes, for me we don't need tattoos, or anything else that can be put on the body to be cool, the way we are there we will be cool.

Alcohol and Cigarettes

That's what I often see in young people today that even smoking and drinking alcohol make them proud. They are still proud that they can drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes at the age of 15. Cigarettes, I really don't want the smell of cigarettes even vape I don't want to inhale, so even my older brother I kicked out of the house when he smokes here inside the house. it is so bad for the body, even though others say it is the reason why it calms them down. Sometimes the others, due to early exposure to such activities, end up using drugs.

There are other young people today who want to be thrilled in life, so they do the wrong things because they are more thrilled.

But one thing I realize is that young people like that shouldn't be avoided because others are going through something in life so they do that and there are resentments in our hearts that we should understand.

But when we approach them, they should not be able to influence you for bad things but you will be able to influence them with good deeds.........

Thank You For Reading and Don't Forget That



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Written by Β Β 27
3 months ago
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I thought the same thing too. They have the freedom but aren't they thinking that they're being too much? It seems like they are very much in a hurry or somewhat like they're running out of time. Some teenagers are just thinking of living in the present, without thinking about the future. Looking at some teenagers right now, I could really say that I enjoyed my teenage life without having all the things they have today. I remembered how simple life was before.

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3 months ago

I agree the same way as you for al the points you mentioned above. By the way I am still happily single because I am being focussed towards building a career.

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3 months ago

These are the social maladies going on, cos every teenager wants to behave like most of their friends do, thus imitation sets in and they behave like they are matured. Inculcating into each other bad habits that are bizzarre and shouldnt be heard of

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3 months ago