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Another week in Crypto-verse (14-20.12.2020)

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1 year ago

  • The Nexus Mutual CEO, Hugh Karp offered a 300k dollars rewards to anyone solving the hack. The hacker asked for 4500 ETH instead (2.8 million dollars). What will happen next? Is this a negotiation?

  • CME Group announced that they will offer ETH Futures in February 2021. They do have a big slice of the BTC Futures market, being one of the first three largest players in the space. 

  • The US exchange Kraken announced that they will integrate the Lightning Network as a second layer Bitcoin scalability solution, for fastear, easier and more reliable payments on the Bitcoin blockchain. They are dealing with the network congestion and high transaction costs much better than others (Coinbase website got stuck again during the recent 23k mark rise of BTC, and the transactions stopped, but this is not longer surprising for anyone, as they do this every time this happen, so the moral is, you want faster transactions, do not use Coinbase. Even its CEO, Brian Armstrong, admitted this with a blog post, quote ''Although we may occasionally fall short, we will always do our best to address our shortcomings.''). 

  • Actually, as we talk about BTC rise, it was up as much as $23700, before falling back slightly, but recovered already. Fun fact, if you had mined a block of BTC before 2012 - 50 BTC - you are a millionaire right now. Even on Twitter, more than 92k tweets about Bitcoin were posted, this is a highest level since January 2018. 

  • Paxos, the company providing brokerage service for Paypal, Credit Suisse and Revolut, raised 142 million dollars in a Series C funding round, planning to double the size of their staff numbers. 

  • Now, talking about Coinbase, they announced they are prepared to be publicly listed. It is not sure if this will be done via IPO or direct listing. They are being reviewed by SEC as we speak, as according to Messari they are worth more than 27 billion dollars. 

  • Compound Labs released a white paper, showing that they are working on Compound Chain, a blockchain planning to overcome high gas costs, serve other chains than Ethereum and mitigate risks. 

  • The Salvation Army charity partnered with Engiven - a cryptocurrency giving platform, in order to let their donors to donate Bitcoin or Ethereum, as they need much more funds since the pandemic started. 

  • You may have heard about the most expensive pizza in the world, the one bought with a lot of Bitcoin, but you did not heard yet of Martti Malmi, a nice man from Finland, who mined 55000 BTC and sold them in 2012. Bought a nice apartment in Helsinki with the money received from the sale, and does not matter that this is worth 1.25 billion dollars now, right? PVMihalache, you see, others really have reasons to complain about selling Bitcoin early, that is not 500 USD, right?

That's all for this week, enjoy the rest of the month and have a merry merry Christmas (or Hanukkah, or whatever is your celebration this time of the year).

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Written by   47
1 year ago
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great update my friend...looking to be back online more consistently after Christmas. i hope you are well. =)

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