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18.10.2020 - Another day in the Crypto-verse

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  • In accordance with the open voted proposal, SUN regular mining welcomes its much-anticipated second round of output reduction so, after the usual chit-chat, the SUN community has agreed to further cut SUN mining output by 30% to better promote the vigorous development of the community. This is supposed to increase the SUN price. Lucky me, i just sold all the SUN farmed until now for more Tron. He!He!


  • And, in a surprising turn of events, CryptoCom realised that they are going down hard, and tried to stop the free fall, with a new communication, slightly increasing their interest one more time, after the sharp decrease happened in 14.10.2020. But it is too late to trust them, and many people that i know are just waiting for the staking interval to finish, so that can move all their CRO in some other better cryptocurrency, with better staking rewards. I will do the same. 


  • Coinbase will be using this new fund called Crypto Community Fund to award at least two grants to Bitcoin Core developers. This is coming at the perfect time, if you believe in synchronicity, as two proposals have merged into Bitcoin Core in a historical code update. The highly anticipated Schnorr and Taproot proposals have been implemented and will be activated at a later date. Once activated, users can experience better transactional capabilities and increased privacy features. 


  • OKEx has suspended all cryptocurrency withdrawals indefinitely, informing us thatone of the exchange’s key holders has “been out of touch” with the exchange because they are “currently cooperating with a public security bureau in investigations.” OKEx’ CEO later said the investigation is due to the key holder’s “personal issue'' and it is not related to the exchange. As i was contacting them, i was told that we will receive more updates Monday. OKB token went down 20% in value shortly after that. 


  • The Centre consortium announced on Thursday that USD Coin (USDC)  is expected to be available on Stellar in Q1 2021. USDC is primarily hosted on Ethereum, which holds virtually the entirety of its supply at $2.7 billion, currently being the second largest stablecoin in the market, just behind Tether (USDT).


  • Polkadot is organizing a huge event, full with all kind of challenges for every programmer, from begginer to expert, with a lot of consistent prizes. Check in here to join. 

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