Freshers vs Staylites Friendly football match

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Today, we played a friendly football match between the freshmen and the staylites of our department.

The Freshers team are the newly admitted students who are in their first year.


The staylites comprised of students in their 2nd year to those in 5th year.

According to Mr. Aremu, the match was organized to promote healthy competition between the freshers and staylites - to foster sportsmanship and team spirit.

The match was played at the department ground in the morning. It was a full-fledged football match with 11 players on both sides.

The head of the department of our University, Mr Aremu was the referee. He tossed the coin and decided the side to kick-off the match.

The Staylites team- Shot by me


The freshmen kicked off and the staylites were slow to begin. This led to comical scenes where they had to run in two pairs as they failed to find room on their side of the field. The freshers were eager to play and were ready to pounce on any loose ball that came their way.

The match started with a highly competitive kickoff that had the crowd cheering. There were many close calls as the ball went sailing over the goal posts; only to be saved by the goalie.

The freshmen team who played their hearts out and had the crowd on their feet with some of the scintillating moves.

However, the staylites were a step ahead and their experience showed when they used the long ball effectively to keep possession of the ball for most part of the match.

The freshmen team- shot by me

The first half lasted for 40 minutes. We had five substitutes each.

The second quarter had a lot of momentum trading back and forth. Both teams were able to convert one goal each in the first half, but they were still neck to neck with a small margin separating them.

On the other side of the field, spectators and students alike cheering, while others enthusiastically debated over the position of each player.

At the end of the day, the Staylites team won the match by a margin of 2 goals to 1.

The freshmen team played really well and even though they lost by, their sportsmanship was exemplary.

The females in the department cheered loudly as they cheered for their respective sides.

All in all it was a fun experience and this is one among the number of events held at our campus every year.

The man of the match who scored the 2 goals for the staylites

This event also helped us bridge the gap between the staylites and the freshers and we could see everyone mingling with each other and having the time of their lives.

Thanks for reading💚💚

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Beautiful... My school also organized a sport competition but due to the fact that it was a week before our exams, I didn't go to the field.

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