Have you ever wondered if you have lived another life? This Book Completely Changed My Life

Many Lives, Many Teachers, is a book written by Dr. Psychiatrist Brian Weiss, who has taught me to see life from another point of view, to value much more who I am as a person and to know that I have another opportunity in life. life is priceless. Now I enjoy my family, my wife, my children, my parents and friends much more.

More or less I will tell you about what happens in this beautiful story: Katherine was a very unstable young woman mentally, she was afraid of the dark, when she slept she felt like she was drowning, when she was on a high surface she felt panic, she did not like to be alone in confined places, he felt that he had been in other parts of the world without having been able to leave his country. In short, she was a woman in need of professional help and decided to attend a consultation with Dr. Weiss.

Dr. Weiss was a man of science with little belief in the mystique of life and never came to think that young Katherine would change his life completely. It turns out that I apply a therapy called Hypnotic Regression on her and take the young woman to walk through many past lives "something she never thought existed", but with so many times she did it she had to give in to the facts.

In conclusion, Katherine had lived in eighty-eight (88) past lives and thanks to the hypnotic regression therapy by Dr. Weiss science had to put down its instruments and make room to study things beyond life. I hope you liked my article, if you want to know more about the book, let us know in the comments. They are loved.

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@Heivenjh posted 2 years ago