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When you learn more about the crypto markets, you'll find that keeping track of your investments becomes a hassle, or at the very least, a time-consuming endeavour. Hundreds of exchanges and thousands of cryptocurrencies are now available to you. Portfolio trackers are a perfect way to keep track of all of these choices while keeping away from the non-essentials.

Blockfolio is a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that includes charting software, portfolio data, and price updates, among other features. Users may use these tools to find up-and-coming ventures while still keeping track of and maintaining their cryptocurrency investments.

Blockfolio has been a market leader for a long time. The platform incorporates a number of cutting-edge technologies and features that have contributed to its success. Notably, the platform has over 6-million registered active users, making it the world's most popular cryptocurrency tracking app at the moment.

Advantages of Blockfolio

You don't become the best cryptocurrency monitoring software by chance. Blockfolio offers a number of features that make investing easier and help you to stay on top of market trends. The platform has a simple interface that allows everyone to keep track of their portfolio in real time across various exchanges.

  • Flexible

Blockfolio has continuously improved its protocol to provide even more features to make your investment experience more effective. The platform now allows for direct trading of digital properties. You may also trade a large number of tokenized stocks listed on the FTX derivatives exchange. Unfortunately, the latter option is only open to users outside of the United States.

  • Free

Blockfolio is a free app that allows you to trade cryptocurrency and stocks without paying any fees. Because of the network's strong financial backing, you won't be bombarded with commercial banners and pop-ups as you will with other free trackers.

  • Selection

Blockfolio continues to broaden its reach in terms of range. The network is constantly expanding its tracking options by introducing new altcoins and tokenized stocks. The free app can also track fractional shares of tokenized stocks.

  • Private

To begin using Blockfolio, you do not need to register. As a result, no personal information is required to use the site. It is a favourite among privacy-conscious investors because of this approach.

Blockfolio: How it works

Blockfolio is a centralised system that serves its group of users from company servers. Despite its centralization, the risks to users are minimal because you do not provide any personal details to the company. Here are some of the main features that have helped Blockfolio become so popular.

  • Tracking Instruments

The app allows you to quickly monitor the price of over 10,000 coins through 300+ exchanges. You may also choose whether to manage your digital assets using the global average or the pricing of a particular exchange. You can also set time limits to help you develop your skills.

  • Cutomizable Coin View

You can concentrate on the projects that interest you with the customizable coin view. Price Alerts can also be set up to warn you when the price moves. These notifications can be triggered by a percentage of movement, a shift in value, or other important data. Notably, the app allows you to monitor your favourite cryptocurrency using your preferred fiat currency. Blockfolio frees up your day by allowing you to respond to market conditions quickly rather than gazing at your screen.

  • Signal

The Signal functionality on Blockfolio is special in that it is a one-way push notification device. The framework enables projects to submit critical information to investors without the additional noise that can be found on social media sites like Telegram and Discord. This feature currently includes over 300 projects. Zcash, Ark, Augur, Civic, and Neo are several notable cryptos.

  • News

The news tab is yet another useful feature designed to make your life easier. At the click of a button, you can keep up to date on all the most important business trends.

How to Use Blockfolio

After you've downloaded and activated the app, you're ready to start building your portfolio. The monitoring window is the first thing you'll note. The top 49 coins by market capitalization are shown here. You can search these coins and choose which ones to include in your personal portfolio tracker. You can also add coins that aren't on the list.

You must choose the trading pair and the exchange rate to be shown. You may also opt to see the coin's global average. After that, you'll need to specify how many coins you currently possess. You'll need to enter the transaction date for each of your holdings. Finally, press the Save button, and the data will appear in your portfolio.

A small bell will appear next to each of your possessions. The Price Alerts options are accessed by clicking the bell. You can configure your warnings by using percentages, values, and other parameters. You can also choose whether you want the updates to be one-time or on a daily basis.

Final Thoughts

It's also said that trading cryptocurrencies necessitates a level head and a lack of emotion. Blockfolio helps you to keep track of your coins without constantly staring at your screen. The network keeps adding new features and coins at a faster rate than the competition. These factors also aided Blockfolio in securing the top spot.

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Written by   19
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Topics: Review
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