"The Otaku Murderer" - Tsutomu Miyazaki

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Tsutomu Miyazaki a japanese man in his 20's was branded as a Serial Killer in Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture after murdering 4 little girls age between 4to 7 year old, but the murder didn't stop there because he also committed necrophile (sexual intercourse of a corpse), cannibal (eating human flesh), vampirism (drink blood to his victims) and rape to his victims.

Tsutomu Miyazaki was a member of a wealthy family. He was born Itsukaichi, Tokyo year 1962 August 21 and the eldest. Because Miyazaki was born premature he had a birth defect that preventing him from bending his wrist upward, that said his joints was fused together. Their family was well known figures in Itsukaichi aside from his great grandparent and grandparent history of serving this town as council they also owned company, a regional newspaper.

Miyazaki was raised by his grandparent and a nanny which is a man because his parents was busy managing their company. He studied in Itsukaichi Elementary school, but his experience in his school was not that good because of his experience in bullying, but instead of telling to his family he just he just kept to his self this maybe one of the reason of his crime that was about to take place in the next paragraph.

High School, he is a star students in Meidai Nakano High because of his good grades, this school was also one of a prestigious school and was connected in Meiji University. But him being a star student didn't last long because his grades suddenly drop for unknown reason and out of 56 students his rank drop to 40. This affected his plan in attending Meiji University and become a teacher. He didn't receive a customary admission that's why he decided to attend i local College and take photography technician.

Year 1980, Miyazaki decided to move into Itsukaichi in his parents house just close to his father printing shop, he is sharing to with his sister. In Miyazaki's mind he has no interest in his family business even if it can make him a well known figures in Itsukaichi there's no way he'll take over his fathers job.

Miyazaki is experiencing depression and he only wants his family to listen to him, even his sisters won't listen to him and the only person he is close is his grandfather. And when his grandfather die year 1988 May, his depression become severe and isolated his self from others even his own family. Miyazaki even eat some ashes of his grandfather as he wants a keepsake from his grandfather.

A week after his grandfather, he decided to peek at his sister while she was bathing. But he was caught and was told to leave but instead of leaving, he attacked his sister instead. And when their mother learned about of what happened, he was given an earful saying instead of spending time with his videos he should work more, and because of this he also attack his mother.


The Murder take place between year 1988 and 1989. And the Saitama Prefecture which has very few cases of which a victims was children was shocked when this happened.

1.) Mari Konno - a 4 year old kid, she vanishes like a thin air while on her friend house playing. It happened year 1988, August 22. Konno's fathers continue looking of her but failed and that when his father decided to call the police. Little did they know, Konno was already in the hand of Miyazaki who was abducted Konno and brought into his car a black Nissan. He drive the car westward od Tokyo and then stopped in a wooded area that was under the bridge.

He wait half hour before murdering Konno, after killing her he still had sexual intercourse to her corpse and them dispose Konno's body in a hills just close to his home and then leave with Konno's clothes. No one discovered Konno's body even if her body was already decompose. Because Miyazaki later return to where Konno's body and then cut her hands and feet and hide it in his closet.

He again had sexual intercourse with Konno's lifeless body. After it he also burned the remaining bones of Konno's body and then ground them and even send it to her family like he is taunting them. In a box, together with her teeth and clothes and then a postcard saying;

2.) Masami Yoshizawa - a 7 year old kid who was abducted year 1988, October 3. Yoshizawa was spotted by Miyazaki while he was driving in a rural road. What he did to lure Yoshizawa was offering her a ride which Yoshizawa accepted without thinking much. Yoshizawa was brought in the same place where Konno was killed. And did what he did to Konno, killed, sexual intercourse with the corpse and also remove the clothes and bring it with him and then leave.

3.) Erika Namba - she was abducted on December 12 the same year. She was also a 4 year old kid who was after playing with friends was about to return home. He was spotted by Miyazaki sadly and was forced to get in his car and then drive and arrive in Naguri Saitama. He forced Namba to remove her clothes and rook a picture of her while in the back seat. He killed Namba after doing it he tied her hand and feet, he cover her body using a bed sheet and then put the lifeless body of the kids in his car's trunk. Miyazaki drive the car and then when a wooded area was spotted he dispose her clothe there. And then in a parking lot, he also leave Namba's body there. After 3 days Namba's body was discovered and then December 20 they receive a postcard with a message that word was obviously cut out in a magazine saying:

4.) Ayako Nomoto - a 5 year old kid who was lured by Miyazaki. Year 1989, June 06 spotted the 5 year old kid and convince the little girl to take a picture of her. The girl was easily convinced and then led into his car where he murdered Nomoto. He also covered the body with a bed sheet and then placed the body in the trunk od his car. He then brought her body in his apartment and spent 2 days with it doing necrophile. Taking pictures of the corpse with different position and also filmed it. Miyazaki decided to cut Nomoto's corpse because it is starting to decompose. He leave the torso part of Nomoto's body in cemetery while the head was on the hills close to his apartment. While the other parts, hands was kept he also drink her blood and then eat some part of her body. But he returned to where he disposed some parts or Nomoto's body thinking that it become the lead of his crime, he hide them in his closet.


There are no crimes that cannot be discover. Even if it been ages since it happened, I'm sure someone will still discover this kind of crime.

Miyazaki's crime was discovered and it bring panic to otaku world. He was apprehended year 1989 July 23 month after his las kill. And year 1990, March 30 his trial began. After the trial he was sentenced to death year 1997, April 14. He was hanged year 2008, June 17 at Tokyo Detention House.

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