Small or Big, Achievement is Achievement

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"Celebrate every achievement you achieved, small or big an achievement is still achievement that is worth to celebrate."


I can't remember if when exactly did I join here in, but i my profile I am now 1 month user here. Being here is one of the best thing that ever happen to me since my Mom gave birth of me.

My time here is so worth it, I am so thankful I discovered this site. Because of this I get to earn a bucks which is used and helped us in so many ways. Being here is a gift, maybe it's my fate that I discovered

I am sure you are wondering why I am blabbing here so much such nonsense or what I'm talking. This one is important to me because in my 1 month stay here, I gained 20 subscribers and now a views on my articles which is..

Yes!!! 518 Views

I don't have that much of a subscriber compared to other user here, off course they are older user here while me is just a months old so it's obvious. I started writing stories, a kind of morbid stories it's all fiction and I love it when some comment on my article. But I stop writing a story because I only have few readers and so I switch into True Crime Story which happened way before I was conceived.

I started searching a Crime Story in Google and found a lot of stories about it. There I found out those unimaginable thing that can happen to a human. Their victims to ne specific, their way of killings are so brutal, unhuman and bloody. Some even commit their crime at young age, I discovered a lot in google and I shared it here. But off course I am not just copy pasting those article. I used my own word in explaining it, like I am just telling a story. I type it all from the top and put all the sites or references where I get all those information.

If you are one of my subscriber you will know those story I shared and those crime stories that happened a long time ago. If you think that getting information in google was more easy to write , then you thought wrong. Because I spent an hours just to type those article, not just 1 hour but more. It's more easy to write a story than doing that rewriting. It's easy to write when it came from your mind that when it comes from those with references.

And I am so happy because the @TheRandomRewarder noticed my article, I get tip everytime I published one that's why I was inspired and so excited to write article everytime even if editing is so hard. I hate my keyboard cos I always have a typographical error, I wish I have a laptop.

Anyway, I was so happy with that achievement and I just want to share my happiness to you, I hope you don't mind. I wish to have more views but I can't write right now, seems like @TheRandomRewarder is mad at me coz my latest article didn't received any tips, also all of my comment was moved automatically as a spam. I don't know what to do so I will just wait until evwrything's okay. I wish everything go back to normal.


Good Luck to me and to you, more article to come and may the Bot notice me again.

**All of the Photo that used was from Unsplash**

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