Don't Kill Me Papa!

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2 years ago
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In the name of you my father. I will love you still even if you throw me out because of anger.

I just want to play.

I just want to be with my friends.

While Mama is busy having a good time with her friends.

I on the other hand is busy with our play.

I love you Papa,

I love that I was born in this world as your son and you as my father.

I will be forever thankful with Him

Coz He gave me to you and He gave Papa to me

We are not that fortunate when it comes to our living

But I don't really know why you are always sad but I am happy even if we have nothing

We have each other Papa, even Mama

I think that's already enough but why Papa has to always get angry about it

He will go home like we're not existing and will just do whatever he wants

Sometimes he will hurt Mama even I

It hurts, it hurts but you will hurt us more

Stop already or we all die

Papa, you are not the Papa that I know before

You become a monster and you see us like a pig

We are your family, I am your son

Papa, Papa please wake up

It really hurts, stop hurting me

Stop giving me more pain or I will leave you Papa and Mama

Please come back to us my Papa

Please be the Papa that I know before

My Loving Papa

My hard-working Papa

My Papa who loves me

My Papa who will never kill me.

I can just imagine the kid that was being beaten by his own father. The pain when he hold the kids feet and smash to the ground. Where his head is facing down. Maybe the kid is thinking the same while he is being thrown to the ground like he is some kind of doll. Maybe he was happy when he see his Papa that's why he thought he is just playing with him. He didn't even thought that his Papa has a plan to hill him.

For sure you all watch the viral video of it? When I first saw it I really feel my blood boil into anger. The kid died seeing his father as a monster. He died afraid like a monster will snatch his life. Her really did, that's the saddest part. Call mr evil but I wish for that man to be killed the way his child died in his arms. If possible, give him a slow death. Let him experience the pain that he will only pray that he died instantly.

Please make him suffer. For that kid.

Do you think that child will still forgive his father if ever they saw each other on the afterlife.

But forgiveness is for those who's really asking for it.

That man is a monster so he didn't deserve it.

If only I am the devil himself, I will be the one to punish that man.

He belong to hell.


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Date Published: 12 PM 04-30-22

7:47 AM April 30, 2022 - Friday

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2 years ago
Topics: True Story


No one has the right to judge us but God! What you have said is just awful... murder is not the answer. There are special centers for such people. I cried when I read it...

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2 years ago

I know that, I know but when I saw that video where that kid was being killed bu his own father. I can't help but to wish that thr same thing happen to him. He was smash to the ground, many times. Aside from that he beat the kid to death. 😢 I am watching it yesterday with so much anger in me. 😥😠

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2 years ago

I cried while reading this. I feel what the kid feels. What kind of father he was? Hurting and killing his own child because he was under the influence of drugs? That's an unforgivable sin... I was just reading some post in Facebook about it because I can't bear seeing the video. It hurts me seeing an innocent child being killed by his own father

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2 years ago

Imagine the pain he has to feel before he died. I hope that man rot in hell. He doesn't deserve to be called a father 😢

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2 years ago

He doesn't deserve to be a father because a father is not like that. A father is the first one who should protect his children/family but what he did was the opposite. I felt pity and it pains me to see the kid that he went through that painful death. He doesn't deserve to be treated that way.

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2 years ago