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Just a sip?

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5 months ago
Topics: Story, Writing

Warning: Erotica because it's been so long and my system apparently needs to write about stuff like this when my bf gets me riled up :< orz forgive this waman for she has sinned

[WP] You're sat alone, with a glass of wine in hand, and decide to jokingly toast the Greek God Dionysus. You did not expect him to appear before you in human form, create two bottles of wine, and take a seat next to you.

"Ahh such a long day at work" I had whined out to no one in particular as I dropped off my bags by the couch then soon after followed, plopping down on the soft seating. Work had been so stressful that day and I honestly wanted nothing more than to enjoy my friday night in peace.

My night's agenda was already set. First I needed a fine *ss dinner so I had bought stuff to make steak with then after dinner I had planned for an extremely relaxing soak in the tub. I do believe I deserved it after sucking up to my bosses from monday to friday. Ahh that night was going to be perfect. I had everything all pictured out in my head but of course the night could not proceed without a drink. Yes, a drink. I bought myself a bottle of this wonderful looking wine that even the seller seemed proud of having since it was his best seller among young females. It made me wonder why.

I opted for the chattelaine glass I had kept in my cupboards. Good wine deserved good glassware is what I always thought. I picked up the bottle and placed it in a readied ice bucket while I went to on my steak.

The meat is on marinate, things were going well and I do think I deserve that drink about now. I uncorked the bottle, raised it enough to give it a swirl and to read the name of the drink in case I wanted more "dionysius... the god of harvest and fertility?" Wibes sure are getting weirder and weirder names but no matter. I poured myself a generous amount then raised my glass as i leaned back against the counter "to dionysius and to much more wine for you to make" a sigh of contentment escaped my lips as the rich red liquid gushed down my throat. It was simply heavenly. The drink that is. As if it was made by the Gods.

"I'm happy you enjoyed the wine I make. Qnd might I say, that sigh dounded as if you were drinking something else"

I glanced at the direction the voice came from. There on my sofa sat a man, probably in his mid 20s? Same as me maybe, who knew

"How did you get in here?!" I had inched closer to the man, wine glasd still in hand. It can be used as a weapon in any case.

"Relax dear, I simply wanted to have a drink. With someone who appreciates my wine as much as you do"

Before I could say more, I was whisked to sit beside him with just the motion of his hand. D*mn what is with him

"Ahh I never introduced myself. Dionysius is the name"

In a blink of an eye, my glass was again filled and surprisingly in that short span of time, he had managed his own bottle and glass. Thos is not happening. I'm drinking with a greek god... and I don't think escape is an option for me right now...

"I must say, you're beautiful for a mere mortal. Are all mortals like this? I can see now why zeus chose humans over his wife" a soft chuckle escaped him and with each passing moment, I could feel myself getting drawn to him more and more. No. I already had a lovely evening planned. I can't let some greek God ruin it

"If you'll excuse me, I have dinner to prepare. If uou could kindly leave" I had said rather sternly to which he only smirked to

"Why in such a rush? It's been so long since I've last drank with humans. Would you care to give me this pleasure?"

He leaned closer, his warm breath fanning against my ear and it may have been the bit of wine earlier but goodness was leaving getting harder and harder by the moment. This man can't stop me. I gulped down the contents of my glass in one swig then placed my glass down before getting up. Big mistake. It didn't even take 5 minutes before the alcohol had started running through my bloodstream. And him standing behind me was of no help either. He was seducing me. He was doing everything he could from the light touches on my sides to the way he would sometimes lean in too close while i seared my stake. Even his deep baritone voice was getting to me

"Why don't you drink more with me... wine is great with steak" he was persistent. And was getting dangerously close. Soon enough i found myself entrapped between him and the kitchen counter. From my spot I could get a full view of his face. His well chiseled features... the rich hazel of his eyes and the thin yet full curvature of his lips. They looked too luscious. This was getting bad for me but he apparently had other plans. A hand soon cupped my chin and raised it enough. The next thing I knew, the lips I had been staring at so intently met mine in such a fervent liplocking. The taste of wine lingered on his lips and tongue. And i thought the wine was intoxicating. I stood to be corrected. This was much worse.

Time passed and I even found myself soon leaning against his frame to which he responded to with his arms encircling my waist to pull me closer if it were possible. F*ck this is not how relaxing should be but all my cares seem to have flown out the window the moment he hoisted me up to carry me to bed. He placed me down carefully and for a brief moment he had pulled back to gaze at me. His eyes seemed to scan me head to toe and that smug look on his face made him look proud of how he had reduced me to a breathless mess. I was about to say something when his lips fell on mine once more. But this time his hands had started roaming, tracing my clothed figure and I soon followed.

The shirt was basically useless when it did nothing to hide the dips and contours of his protruding muscles. And I wanted nothing more than to rip the fabric off. He seemed to read my mind though when he again pulled back just to peel off his and with much effort, my clothing as well. One look into his eyes and I could tell all lust had taken over but who was I to deny that it had done the same to me. I wanted more. For a brief moment I was thinking how to pull him back. I grinned and wrapped my legs around his torso to pull him back in. My turn. I had started rubbing myself against him, to which I was rewarded with the pleasure of hearing his low groan. The action continued until the man simply lost to lust and decided to plunge his length into me.

I could say that the turn of event for that night was well spent. When morning came, the sheets of my bed were a tangled mess and as soon as he had woke, he bid me adieu with a promise of coming back in the case I ever needed someone to drink with again


If you read this far. I apologize for this 😂😂😂 needed to release some pent up frustrations

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Written by   418
5 months ago
Topics: Story, Writing
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