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Most distinctive features of Unhappy people

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8 months ago

Even if most people say they really want to be happy, they say it without looking in the mirror. It is inevitable that they will be unhappy when their characteristics are similar to the distinctive features of unhappy people. Therefore, you must give up habits and traits that, no matter what, cause unhappiness.


Unhappiness is an emotion that can easily affect people. It gnaws at you and can easily infect people around you. Therefore, unhappiness does not only affect the person himself. Sometimes it depends on certain conditions. But unhappiness largely comes from our own thoughts, behaviors, and habits.

Do you think life has to be perfect before you can be happy? Being perfect and trying to act perfect doesn't mean you will get perfect results. Because from this point of view, it is almost impossible to find happiness.


Happiness isn't easy to find if you're chasing perfection. The bar in your performance will be very, very high. So you have low self-esteem. This may cause you to think that you are not good enough even though you are getting excellent results.


No matter what you do, the outcome won't please you unless you think it's perfect. To be happy, you need to get rid of this habit.

-You should see enough of what you've done

-You shouldn't stray from the truth

Clinging to the future or the past

If you spend most of your time sticking to what you've done in the past, you'll constantly think about your past hurts, conflicts, obsessions, and missed opportunities. You relive them. This can be a very painful experience for you. So you need to get rid of it.


Spending most of your time in the future has you constantly thinking about how things will go wrong at work and in your relationships. You cannot think clearly when such dreams, doubts and nightmare scenarios surround your life. All scenarios are replayed in your head, one by one.


As always, you have to make an effort to live in the moment. If you don't, you're missing out on the wonderful experiences life has to offer. If you have a goal of becoming a happier person, this approach won't do much for you. You have to make an extra effort to change it.

Comparing yourself to others

It's okay to say that I don't really like it at all. This is a very common practice. It has quite devastating effects. You don't get anything when you compare yourself to other people and their lives. You're just daydreaming maybe for things that are hard to reach.


Thinking about someone else's car, thinking about home, thinking about work, obsessed with shoes, being obsessed with money, being jealous of your social popularity, etc. Every single one of your actions hurts you. It makes you miserable and lowers your self-esteem. Therefore, you constantly create negative emotions.

Seeing life too complicated

Life can be really complicated. But the reason for this stressful complexity is actually the person himself. As Henrik Edberg said, you will have big problems because you stay away from habits that simplify your own life.

Dividing your focus in daily life: Doing one thing at a time throughout the day is much less effective than following a to-do list with 2-3 important items. So you should make creating a to-do list a priority.

Focusing on too many things: When considering my previous suggestion, you shouldn't make the mistake of focusing on too much. You will have real problems when you use it.

Creating persistent relationship problems: Mind reading is hard work. Therefore, instead of making preliminary decisions, you should ask questions and communicate. This will avoid unnecessary conflicts, misunderstandings and negatives.

Disappear: Checking email or perusing smartphone notifications is something we all do. You should not lose yourself while doing this. You should waste less time reviewing emails and unsubscribe as needed.

Dealing with Stress: When you're stressed, it's very easy to be hostile when faced with a problem. In such situations, you should try to breathe calmly for a few minutes. This approach will help you stay in the present moment rather than get lost in the scenarios you create.

Constantly complaining

It's perfectly natural to complain and grumble once in a while. You naturally complain when things don't go as you expected. But unhappy people always complain about everything. They are not satisfied with just seeing the negative in every situation. They also like to talk about them.


If you don't want to join the caravan of unhappy people, you should give up this habit. You should think about how you can get out of the situation you are complaining about. To break this habit, you need to be aware of what you are doing. In other words, you must learn to monitor your thoughts.


You have to catch yourself before you drown in your thoughts. You should consider whether complaining and grumbling will do you any good. Sometimes, when you get service from a place, your expectations may not be met. In this case, it is correct to voice your complaint. But you don't need to dwell too much on it.

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Written by   23
8 months ago
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That's why I always encourage myself to look on the positive side always. Be optimistic, a positive vibes can greatly influence your well being.

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8 months ago

you are absolutely right. Thinking bad does nothing but spoil our psychology.

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8 months ago

Yeah you are right some time a person gets into depression ..we should live always happy with positive vibes.

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8 months ago

yes, it is very important to keep oneself positive.

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8 months ago

You said it all. It's always about the present, always should be.

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8 months ago

yes :)

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8 months ago