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How EFT Tapping Saves me from Depression?

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1 month ago

For sure, most of you are not aware that there is an additional self-therapy that we can do to cope up with depression. Just a little background again, I was depressed 7 years ago and I can still have episodes in my life that I am sad or remembering what happened from the past but I can able to manage now because of the help of EFT Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique. This one focuses on emotions or what specific feelings we have before we do the tapping technique. When I finally have this one as an additional help for me, it became one of my bullets. I shoot all the negative emotions away.

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What is EFT Tapping in Layman's Term?

Do you know acupuncture? Acupuncture is putting a thin needle in your skin gently, to release negative airs that cause your body to feel pain. It is one of the traditional medicines for the Chinese. In EFT tapping, it is like acupressure. We tap certain points in our face to restoring energy to release helpful chemicals in our central nervous system.

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We use our index fingers instead of thin needles. We tap certain pressure points. While we are tapping we are stating how we feel, how we accept what we are feeling and situation and what we are planning to do in that situation. It is advisable to do it repeatedly and rate how you feel. When you feel you are lightening up a bit, you can repeat it until the feeling of negativity is no longer there.

My Story and How I discovered EFT Tapping

When I was in the midst of dark times, the year 2014 to 2016, I noticed prayer doesn’t work anymore. You see how I can say that prayers don’t work. It only means I have been negative all along. I don’t want to stay in that kind of heavy feeling that is why I started to search the internet on how I will solve my issue. I am aware that ‘I am “the problem. My mindset is poor and my self-esteem is very low. I cry and cry every night like there is never a day that I feel I solve an inch of my problems.

I also went to Youtube and search for affirmation, mantra, and manifestation. When I search about how can I have money instantly, the Youtube video of Margarette Lynch about EFT Tapping for 50 thousand pesos appears and I watch it. I didn’t get it at first. All the tapping that she is doing is kind of weird for me. I search for the meaning of EFT tapping in Google and I found out that it was used with soldiers before they went to war. It became their therapy because of their traumatic experience during the war. I kind of resemble what I feel so I put my trust in this and I try to do what Margarette Lynch is doing.

On the first try, I was yawning all over. I was not satisfied that I repeat it five times. I was feeling irritated during that time and I want to test the effects of EFT tapping on my emotions during that time. I felt light after five times and I want to do it again so I tried doing it another five times, so I made it ten times and I feel good. Of course, my problem is still there, but this time, with a lighter mood, I was able to focus on what is need to be solved, rather than entertaining the drama ( I always tell myself I am the worst person, I cannot survive this anymore, I want to die!) Imagine the time I wasted entertaining my regrets rather than moving forward and finding out what to do.

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Different EFT Tappingsf for Different Issues

There is lots of EFT tapping on Youtube and there are lots of articles that explain how tapping works for depression and money problems. I can explain only based on my experience. It works for me so I keep on doing it. I cannot imagine my life without EFT tapping because it rescues me from distress immediately. But, I am glad that I choose myself and I decide to save myself because if I didn’t do it, even EFT tapping will not work. There are lots of EFT Tapping that focuses on different areas like depression, money problems, regret, anxiety, rejection, work, irritating people, decision, everyday stress patience, love match, goal achievement, paying debt, and many more. Look at those issues, these are the issues that we are facing every day and yet we are not doing anything to lighten up the burden. I recommend EFT tapping as your guide to work on your emotions.

What are the effects of EFT Tapping on me?

After I discovered EFT tapping one night, I do it again for another night and another week. I was having problems with paying my hospital bills at that time. When I started doing EFT Tapping, I was able to realize why do I didn’t ask anyone online if I can borrow money or ask around where I can loan. During that time I started sending messages to my relatives but they all just seen my message so I decided to find another option and that is the online people.

I have lots of online friends and they are the people I met from blogging sites. I open up my problem to forum sites too and some social media sites that pay. After a week, people are reaching to me through FB messenger and asking for my bank details. That time, I have liver lacerations and I am willing to give up the treatment, I just need to pay my hospital bills. I remember my friends from Forum Coin and Peter, CEO of Monkey Sites ( I don’t remember the exact name now) accumulate their points and gave it all to me. It was converted to cash that I withdraw through Paypal.

I keep doing the Tapping for 50 Thousand Dollars every night because I noticed the help is keeping on coming. I decided to write a post in Blogjob about my situation and when I woke up, I received money from Sheridan. Sheridan is the CEO and owner of Blogjob blogging sites. He said that he reads my blog and he wanted to help me. He even added another donation after a while. I was surprised by the changes EFT Tapping did to me.

From what I observed, since I am doing the EFT tapping every night, I started to have the energy to search for the things that will help me. I search for possible people to lend money to. The right people came along and they donated money to help me. Even my former officemates contacted me and send me money. Everything became positive and goes to what it should be. It falls into place one by one. I became positive too. I keep on hanging to positivity because if I feel or think an inch of negativity it will ruin everything. It was magic. I kept on doing it and I was able to accumulate Php30000 (all in all) or $600. I went to the hospital to pay my bills and the hospital clerk said that my bills were cut to more than a half or more than that because someone pay for them. I only paid the remaining Php 7280 or $145.6, because that is my indebted amount left. I used the remaining for my medicine. It is amazing.

I put all my trust in EFT tapping and started to make blogs about it. In a day, I work on my EFT tapping like an exercise. I tap for more than an hour. I focus on money, job, debt, rejection, and stress. I made a playlist that I play every day. I do not start working without it. I am sure I become a better person. Not that I do not feel sad anymore or I do not get hurt, nor get angry. I am only human, of course, that kind of feeling is still there but this time, I moderate it. I make sure that when I feel irritated it doesn’t last long for 5 minutes. I give out the feeling in the thin air after 5 minutes. When I feel angry, I tap immediately. There is a specific tapping when I am angry and I have it on my playlist. I do twice and I get relief. At present, I do not stay my negativity for more than 10 minutes in my system. That is how I help myself and I am very smart for helping myself.

This is my original content and my true story about EFT Tapping. I am planning to discuss it more on my future articles. Please let me know how I can help you with your stress too and I will introduce you to EFT tapping and some of my self-therapy.


September 21, 2021

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Written by   92
1 month ago
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I've been doing that before, tas diko alam na yan pala tawag non haha

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4 weeks ago

Hehe, ako nun una ko Tong nalaman, tawang tawa ako pero eto pala ang sasagip sakin

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4 weeks ago

Tried that before and it's good it can help a lot of people.

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1 month ago

It did. It helped me sis. If I didn't know this, I wouldn't have survived

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4 weeks ago