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Depression : Assessing Yourself and Your Emotions

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1 month ago

Self-therapy, I only invented or called my methods this way because I compared this to a kind of physical therapy a stroke patient is doing. I don't have a stroke, but I have depression before and I want to eliminate this to my system. Being depressed drown me near to my grave. I, myself, will kill myself. I don't want to experience the worst because what a waste if I will do that to myself though I know I am a goal getter kind of person and I have my family, friends and pets that loves me.

Why I was Depressed? Why I allow it to happen?

I was astounded when a psychiatrist friend asked, "You are depress? Why do you allow it to happen?"

I always think that being sad is an emotion and being depress means the deeper side of being sad or the multiplicity of sadness that you accumulate per day and it happens when you are not doing anything and when you are alone. It is what I understand. Let's get back to the question, why I allow it to happen? I thought it comes out naturally because I am sad. When I am sad, I remember all of the sad memories, all the problems, all the people that is giving me problems, all the problems that are going to happen, the future problems that I have no idea if it will happen, that might not happen. I kept thinking. It started by being sad, then I cry, then I get angry, then I get anxious and then depression and it happens everyday. Did I allow it to happen? I realized, yes I did! It's all my fault. Sadness is different from depression. Sadness does last long. There is just a minute or two that you feel sad but positive mindset people will not stay on being sad. They will stop being sad. They will look further. They take note of that sadness that when they feel it again, they convert for doing something funny, exciting or happy and that is called Diversion.

Before continuing, let me show you the people that trusted me fully and push me to stay writing. I don't feel any sadness at all when I am seeing them around. Check their profile and writings now, they do not bite.

Why do you allow it to happen? You don't need to answer, because sometimes you don't know the answer, but The real answer is, don't allow depression to be in your system. Don't let it come in your mind.

What Causes your Depression?

  • Death of a loved one, pets or dear friends

  • Losing job

  • anxiety attacks

  • long long problems / generation problems

  • solving problems

  • rejection

  • illness

  • toxic people

  • money problems

  • debt

  • health/ diet issues

  • relationship

  • parenthood/ motherhood/ fatherhood

  • change of location

  • homesickness

  • covid19

I have to tell you, my depression before are caused by ten reasons above. I feel it all during the night, during the night that I am working for my job, that I should be proactive and performing well, but I was crying in the middle of it and trying my best to calm myself because it will not help me. It is pulling me down. I start my day with a negative energy and ends with a negative energy. What a waste!!

The Reason why I need to Eliminate Depression in my life

Obviously, when you are in deep slumber of Depression, you are delaying lot of things in your life. Since you are on a negative state, you don't want to eat, don't want to move, don't change your routine, don't have the appetite to exercise, to talk with someone. You just want to be alone because you thought you able to think about it, but NO, you will just over think and feel sorry for yourself. Being alone when you are depress, is a noble state and it could calm you a little but you need someone to talk with so that the weight of the negativity will lessen. If you will just lie down in bed, and will not do what makes you busy, you will just inviting depression for a free board lodging in your coconut shell.

I don't want the heavy feeling. When I get depress, I don't want to talk to anyone and when someone try to talk to me, I felt the are mocking me for being weak. I always gives meaning to what they ask about me, because overthinking is working proactively. I get mad and irritated and the worst, I bang my head in the wall. Think about that, banging my head in the wall could create internal bleeding, besides me looking like a fool. This is bad. I am slowly killing myself.

Assess Yourself First

Assessing yourself is the best. Some of us cannot differentiate sadness from Depression. If it affects our mood, it could be just a sadness, but if it affects our well being, our decision became vague, easy to get angry and getting to feeling furious (fuming mad), losing appetite and sleep, feeling fatigue even if you haven't started everything, having a hard time in focusing, always distracted by overthinking, then that is depression. Even if you are thinking of ending yourself, that is depression indeed. Don't. Never. Don't.

Goal Planning Your Emotions

You decide now, you want to get better or depress? Because the feeling of depression should end and it is a must. You don't need to invite and give it a space in your brain. Melt it immediately. This will enter goal planning your emotions. If you have goals in saving money and dieting, or even being a writer or anything that you want that complete your well being, same goes with your emotions.

You need to do this!

  • Find out what time you feel depress, because mostly, depression automatically came out of you during the night, or when you are alone and everyone is sleeping or when you remember something that is troubling you. Sometimes it comes out naturally and you feel toxic and anxiety strikes, then you begin to cry. Try to observe yourself and jot down the time, places or situations that makes you feel depress. Once you became aware, you need to avoid it. For example, you feel depress before you go to bed at 11 in the evening. Once you lie in bed, before 11 in the evening, you either be busy with praying, or you either get to bed as early as 11 in the evening for you not to feel it. You avoid depression and let it feel it is not welcome anymore.

  • Once you distinguish the first one, I tell you, it will not work. Of course, it will not work on the first day, but it changes from time to time once you habitually do it. From experience, it works. I realized that I am the only one that could solve my own issues because I know exactly what I feel. People around me are all trying to help me, but if I will not move and do what is needed, nothing will happens.

  • Next, track down your progress and the changes on your plans. For example at 11 in the evening that you feel depress, you start to sleep at 10 in the evening, but it does not work because you over think. When this happens, you need to clear your mind before you sleep, or eating drink warm milk, have a warm bath, have a relaxing music to feel sleepy. Change your ways from time to time and jot down any changes and your progress. Until you find what works for you, you will have a peaceful night.

This is my original content. It is a product of my own Self-therapy. I passionately write this on my journal and I jot down my progress. I want to help people who are suffering depression and we must win over it. Don't let this ruin your life, life is still beautiful, you just need to believe.

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September 17, 2021

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Avatar for Grecy095
Written by   95
1 month ago
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Buti na lang nabawasan na ang depression ko Kya nag back to normal na ulit Ang blood pressure ko because of that deppression and stress nag 170/100 BP ko

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Depression! it's scary to have it, here we are two kids who committed suicide because of that. ..

$ 0.00
1 month ago

really?two kids? they were to young to feel the toxicity here on earth. this is hurting

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Those who didn't experience such mental issue can't understand the situation. Sasabihin nila nag iinarte. Kaya lang daw natin kasi makokontrol natin utak natin pero they're wrong. I have an anxiety and I found it hard to control my thoughts as well. Glad that it's not as severe as before pero bumabalik balik talaga sya.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

thats true, bumabalik balik sya kaya need natin ng self therapy against it, we are the only one that can help ourselves

$ 0.00
1 month ago

True, yan din sinabi ng doctor sakin. Kung di ko matulongan sarili ko, e rerefer nya ako sa psychiatrist

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Yes, sis. We need to help ourselves in order for us to not be consumed by depression.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Gotta save this, Grecy! I need a reminder from time to time! Xoxo

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Yes sis please, we have episodes I our life that we feel depression but believe we can overcome it.

$ 0.00
1 month ago