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15 Signs if you have High Functioning Anxiety Part 2

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May 18, 2022

Yesterday, I shared to you number 1 to number 8 signs if someone who is an introvert and has a High Functioning Anxiety. Today, i will share number 9 to 15. I am sharing this one because I want to find out if I have this kind of anxiety and sharing this to you so that you can test yourself as well if you have this. Having anxiety is not good. If that is a High Functioning anxiety that could be worst, however there still ways to overcome this and I will be sharing it on my future post.

Let us continue..

You are Perfectionist

I am 50/50 when it comes to this. I can't say that I am perfectionist, but sometimes, when I am doing things that I am good at, I try to do better to best. I try to compete with my old self. I try to be great and there is a need for me to surpass it, but that is only on things that I love to do (e.g. editing videos, graphic design, researching and social media management), but on other areas and part of my routine, I am only on the average. I even have the All or Nothing personality, that if I am not good at the things I do, I am the worst. I get frustrated if I want to do something great on the things I want to do but sometimes my mood is not cooperating, my anxiety could come from that.

You are always overthinking

Yes I am. I think overthinking and anxiety comes hand in hand. Once I over think, later on I will feel that anxiety. Like when someone call me on my phone and that call is from a family member. If the missed calls happened lots of time, i will begin overthinking that leads me to feeling that anxiety. Usually it happens at work. When someone said they call me back, I already have a ready scenario in my brain that it is telling me that there is a problem and it is my fault. I'm so hard on myself.

You have repetitive habits, pains and tics

Yes I am, but I don't have tics. I have pains like back pain and repetitive habits. I have this thing that i peel off skin from my finger nails. I can use a nail cutter to cut it, but I will use my finger to peel it. As a result, I get wounds. Pains at my lower back became normal before but I already engaged myself with some exercise and stretching that is why it lessens.

You are Tired all the time

Yes, I am. I know this is not about the weather that we experiencing recently. I know that I feel tired due to stress and overthinking. I use all of my energy for work because I know that is my responsibility to the company. When I go home, i feel tired already. I should be resting but since my mind is tired, I can't sleep. If I woke up from sleep, I am tired instantly. I am tired all the time.

You Startle Easily

Yes I am. Whenever I am hearing an ambulance siren or anything like police patrol car and Fire siren, I have palpitation and I get startled. I start to think what is happening around. I starts to wonder if that is an emergency ambulance or a fire truck. I always pray because both are emergency. I become horrified after even I don't know for certain what is happening.

You get stress and irritated easily

Yes I am. I am the type of person who get irritated easily. Sometimes it affects my patience. Whenever I get stress, irritation happens instantly. After that, I will be quiet and contemplate but I am solving the issue. I entertain my emotions first for a minute then I will continue to solving the problem. Being annoyed is my best friend.

You just can't stop

Yes I am. I have the presence of 14 signs, that make it as 15 signs now because it is true, I can't stop feeling those signs. My brain is wired differently. That is the reason why I can't start personal relationship or love relationship because I know the other person will not enjoy my personality at all.

I got this 15 signs under this article link below and I used this one to test if I have High Functioning Anxiety which I found out that I have. I am very willing to end this challenge in my personality so I am still searching for the things that would help me overcome this.

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Written by   200
1 month ago
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well, for the overthinking part, i think i am one

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1 month ago

I have all this signs especially getting stressed and get irritated easily

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1 month ago