Things I'd love to do as a wife! My dreams and imagination

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I'm 21 now and mathematically I have almost 6-7 years to get married.Though it's a long time from now and everything can change in between but why stop dreaming?Β 

In one my previous writing I've shared about my dreamy love life. I've shared what kind of person I dream in my life , what kind of preferences we should have etc.

None of us in this entire universe are perfect but if we stay together, put out hands together can make is perfect than ever.

Like I've some weaknesses and strong sides. On the other hand my person may have some weaknesses and strong sides.

If we can collaborate perfectly with each other we can make our bond more strong.We can be perfect in the most perfect way.I think this should be the basic rules of engagement with someone.

This writing is you can say a personal diary where I'll be sharing my imagination, my dreams and my promises to the person I love.

In my writing I've imagined myself as a married person. It'll be very much interesting both for me to write and to read. In my writing I'll pretend myself as a married wife.Β 

I know there are a lot of writers like me who is married.It'll be very much interesting to read your experience from this point of view as a married person.

When I come to know that being married is a part of life where you'll be able to pass your entire life a person beside day.From that day I've imagined my dream person and my days with him.Β 

So here are the things I'd love to do as a married woman these will be super exciting.

I'll tell him to save something at least a little amount of money from our monthly expenses.I dream of person who have the same interest for travelling.

With our savings we'll try to travel at least one time in an individual month.Travelling is a bit costly experience besides we'll be needing time to do that.

I'd love to travel a lot with my dream person. This is more like a dream this is like an sensational event that is going to happen.

A single travel experience can be so much romantic that'll be super pleasing both for mind and life.We'd love to visit both seas and hills.I've the same amount of love for the seas and hills.

No matter when my husband comes back from work I'll stay awake till he comes home.Than we'll take our dinner.Dinner at the family table with all the members can be so much relaxing, entertaining and interesting. Life is too much uncertain and I don't want to miss a single dinner with my loved ones.

So that I don't have to regret for the things I didn't accomplish. On the other hand in every dinner table there is story, there is song, there is happiness, there is sadness it's type of mixed feelings. No matter what the time, situation I'll wait for his come back and take dinner altogether.

I'll try my level best to keep him close in the rainy days.Just imagine a moment you and your loved ones, having a cup of hot coffee beside a glass window and watching the rain drops falling from the sky, talking about the things of life.

Can you imagine how much romantic it would be?In every kind of weathers I love the rainy seasons most.I dream of a person who has the same amount of feelings for the rainy season.Though we may have different choices but I don't think it'll be a problem for us.

Now let me ask you a question about being beautiful. What makes someone more beautiful than ever?

I don't know how but any sleeping face is more adorable than a normal face. Now suppose your loved ones are sleeping and try to imagine how beautiful he/she will be look at. To enjoy the beauty every single day I'll try to wake up early at least before him.

I'll try to wake up before my loved one just because to enjoy the beauty of a sleeping face.

Pull the curtain and the golden sun beams are falling into face of your loved ones. Ahh!! Just imagine how much beautiful the sun beams will make your loved ones?

We'll have discussions after discussions for every single decision. Because I believe if I share my thoughts to my loved ones and my loved ones shares his thoughts to me in thus way we can make an organised and working decision.

Because in life every decision is crucial and if you take it with responsibly you can make it an accurate one.

Now I'd love to hear from you mostly your imaginations if you aren't married yet like me.If you are married than what was your expectations and did your expectations fulfill or not.

This will be a great point of experience sharing. I'm looking forward to hear from you, your expectations, your achievements and dreams.

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Why you not have the taste of love?? You not mentioned your love story hereπŸ€₯πŸ™„πŸ•΅πŸ»πŸ˜‰β€πŸ€πŸ»

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