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How I'm fighting with depression for the last 1 week

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1 year ago

Its been almost 5-6 days I haven't written any single words.Well actually I'm going through some depressive episodes.

Those who have previously dealt with depressions may already know how painful these times are. 

You'll feel hungry but you'll not want to eat anything. It's a feeling like you'll want to talk a lot but as soon as you start talking you'll run our of words. 

Depression is not a joke,I don't know why some people make fun of depressions. I've seen those who are too much emotional like me fall into depression too easily.

If you are having these kind of issues like me you'll know how painful these moments are.

Though I'm not fully recovered yet I thought I should continue my writing just to escape from depression.

Here in my article I'll share with you what things I'm doing to escape from depressive episodes also how I'm dealing with depression.

If you are a depressive prone person like me this will be very helpful for you.

Cause its true that only those can feel the real hardships who has already gone through depressions.

Other people will just make fun and instead of helping they will just leave someone alone.

As your friend I'm sharing what actually I'm doing to get over this kind of hard situations of life.

-As I've already passed a week, I'm feeling very heavy from the inside.

I'm feeling like I can't take it anymore without expressing my inner feelings.So I decided I should write.

If you are also a person with heavy heart, take your pen and paper and start writing. 

Yes I know you'll not feel like writing, your hand will become numb but you should move on just like I did.

I pushed my body out of my bed and started writing. I've expressed all my sufferings, pains and everything through my writing.

Cause our world is too much busy ,the people are twice busy.You'll not find anybody to talk to you easily when you are depressed but your pen and notepad will accompany you anytime you need.

The people, instead of providing accompany, instead of listening to you will sometimes make fun of you.

I've also this kind of experiences so I chose to share my sufferings with my notepad. No matter what the time is it will listen to me attentively.

-Every time I sit on the dining table I talk to my mother.

Our mother is the greatest gift from the creator Almighty and my mother is the amazing person I've ever seen in my entire life.

When those depressive moments were coming back to me again and again, I talk to my mother.Each time I talk to my mother I feel like my heavy heart is melting second by second.

So if you are going through depressions like me, talk to your mother or somebody supportive like your mother.

This one hour talk or dinner table talk will help surely trust me, it has worked on me.

- Each time when I recirculating in depression I talk to my mind and say hey there be strong.

So when I'm writing this article I told myself please push forward dear. Look if you continue to lie down in your bed nothing will change and I've felt this from the core of my heart.

There is nobody who can help me if I don't help my own self.Nobody can make you happy if you can't make your own self happy so this is the thing I thought of and I believed. 

I know it's too hard to walk alone but once you push, you'll continue to push forward.Just gather some energy and try to pull off the black clouds of depression.

Again I'm not fully recovered yet but as I'm writing this means I am on the way of recovering.

So if you ever fell into this much depression like me just tell your self to push forward,to have courage, to believe. 

I'm doing everything to change my focus form the depression like watching movie, singing songs sometimes I watch cartoon like children's do.

You'll not believe it but each time I fall into depression I go back to my childhood.

Whatever you do just try to move your focus away from the darkest days.I'm trying my heart and soul just to move my focus away because I've understood that if I continue being like this,I'll become sick.

I should not become sick and I can't.
These are the methods I'm trying and I've shared my words with you.

All these are just to let you know if you are also going through depression how you can also get rid of this.

May Almighty gives all of us greater strength and courage to bear the pain in our life.

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Written by   63
1 year ago
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Depression is one of the worst feeling which one shouldn't give room to it and majorly comes from relationship issue, the only way to fight it is to keep yourself happy

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1 year ago

You are already a winner because you are alive :). I know things are hard, but things get better. Maybe this may sound like some cheap positive quote but I really mean it. I know it's not as easy as it sounds, just please never give up. Have a nice day!

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1 year ago

At one point you'll everything is falling apart in front of you are you are just staring at the ruins.

I felt if I continue like this, I'll never be able to come back to reality.This is where most of us fail.To push everything back, they don't have the energy and courage. They again fall in the cycle of depression.

I would like to thank you for your words and for reading my sufferings. May Almighty bless you and fulfills all your wishes. Amen.

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1 year ago

You are strong dear. You would surely pull through, a lot of love awaits you. Depression is real and so is overcoming it, that also is achievable.

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1 year ago