How I generate ideas to write essays everyday? Hacks and a bonus essay!

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2 years ago

Writing on the one side can be very interesting and when you don't find a topic to write about can be a horrible one. 

Once I also fought with this emptiness as I didn't find any topic to write. Every author once in a lifetime have felt that.

Suddenly our head becomes empty and our brain started falling asleep without any reason. 

But if you can get over it you'll be able to express yourself through writing.

Here in my article I'll share everything about me ,how I write and how I fight with empty brain syndrome.

If you go through my words attentively I think you'll be able generate new ideas everyday just like me.

But first let me tell you one thing we already have words in our mind,topics in our brain but as we don't know how to execute our plans and put the elements together we become unable to write a single sentence. 

1) I brainstorm myself before I start writing a topic

Brainstorming is one of the most effective way to bring our inner words to outside.

There are thousands of brainstorming method available online. You can choose your desired ones or the one that suits you.

I can share you one of my brainstorming technique so that you can also benefitted. 

I ask myself a lot of questions every time before writing. I answer my questions in my writing so basically my writing is a summary of answers.

For example if I want to write a story first I ask myself what will be my main theme of my story. After generating my main theme than I start adding all the other elements. 

2)I make a flowchart of my ideas e.g. dividing parts of my essay introduction main elements conclusion 

We all have a notepad pre installed in our smartphone device, don't we?

So why not taking advantage of it? Whenever any topic hit my mind ,I take my phone and note down my points. 

First I write my points than I start to explain my points what is and what is not.

As human mind is very sophisticated, we tend to forget our thoughts. So I don't take the risk of losing my valuable thoughts.

Here is the most important benefit of keep notes, as we carry our phone everywhere we can note down our thoughts anytime. There will be no problem of pen or paper.

3)I try to write essays that people can find it useful or get benefitted or find interesting

You've done everything and put all your efforts but if the audience ignored your writing that is very painful for the author.

People will only read your writing if they find it interesting or have anything useful. To glue your reader, try to find topics that will create an attraction in the readers mind. 

For example imagine you've learned some new tips and tricks of Microsoft office Excel and PowerPoint from a career development workshop. 

If you share the tips and tricks in your writing a lot of people can be benefitted. Moreover people will be curious to read your writing too because people always want to learn something and they can learn it just from you. 

So if you have the opportunity to share your knowledge through your writing so why not taking the opportunity?

4)Every time before writing something I relate my essay with practical life uses. I want to make sure my writing will give you a message.

Here is the most important part of a writing. If your writing is based on practical application than you'll never feel empty because we do lots of things everyday.

From brushing our teeth to setting up an alarm clock you'll have lots of things to write about.

5) I believe if my words touch my audience than my writing will be a complete one.

Instead of focusing mainly on sentence making I focus to make my audience understand me.

Most interestingly I search for a topic to write which will give my audience entertainment, reading interest, benefits and some learnings. 

Here I'm sharing a writing idea for you and hope this will make you think more.

Essay introduction: We make Google search everyday in every moments of a day and it is like a obvious task of our day to day life.

There are some strategies to make our Google searches for fruitful and effective. Sometimes it is seen that we are searching, searching and searching for a result but we don't find it just because of wrong searches.

So we have problem now we will be looking for a solution. 

First it's a day to day life task as well as a problem than secondly it will attract more readers because they will learn something from your writing and can get their results very easily. 

Now do some research on how to get the most of a Google search or how to make Google search more effective.

Write down the ideas in your notepad one by one. After you've written everything than provide example of individual points so that people can get your ideas more easily.

I can share a simple Google search technique as I've researched before. If your search for a particular book than write the name with a extension. 

Like this " Gulliver's travels.pdf" in this way you'll get the direct pdf file. This works on every files from MP3 to MP4 video formats.

Just add the file extension you wish to download after the file name.

So here I've discussed how I generate ideas to write something relating to practical life application and I've also added a topic you can write about.

If you are having the same problem of empty head I think this will help you a lot.

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2 years ago


im interested to write ideas

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2 years ago

Thank you I'm a newly here I'm still observing

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2 years ago

Thanks for sharing your hacks. I'll try some of them and hope that it works for me.

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2 years ago

Yeah I'll be very happy if you get benefitted from my writings and also you can share how much your writings improved after implementing my hacks. You are welcomed 😀

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2 years ago

Sure, I'll share if I had the time. Thanks again.

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2 years ago

Amazing.. Recently I suffered from lack of essay writing ideas. Thanks for sharing it

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2 years ago

As I've written in my article authors at a time go through this sufferings. But only they become successful if they can get over. Here I've described how I generate ideas and shared an idea. Hopefully this will give you a acceleration and mental boost just like me. You are whole heartly welcomed.❤️

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2 years ago