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5 significant health benefits of drinking water! Bonus: This app will remind to drink water

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1 year ago

Our life is wholly dependent on water. We have been hearing this since our childhood. But why is water's another name is life? Did you search the answer?

A huge percentage of our human body is made up of water. Blood is an important component of our human body.

Almost 90 percent of the blood is mainly water. Water plays an important role in the health of the kidneys and in keeping our body's digestive system active.

When the amount of water in the body decreases, daily activities such as: Digestion of food, various functions of the brain, physical work, keeping the cells of the body alive, the work of the organs are severely disrupted.

 It is absolutely impossible to survive without drinking water. There is no substitute for water to keep our body healthy.

Now let’s get to know in a little wider and informative range, how we are benefiting by drinking water.

1) Water helps to produce saliva which is must for digestion process

When we eat food, saliva is excreted from our mouth glands. The function of this saliva is to help digestion of food and to take the food easily to the stomach.

If adequate amount of saliva is not excreted, it will take a long time for the food to be digested and the food will not reach the stomach easily. Saliva reduces the amount of friction when the food reaches the stomach. And water plays an important role in the production of saliva.Drinking water will produce saliva in the mouth.

2) Water works as a oxygen transporter

Water plays an important role in transporting oxygen inside our body. Oxygen is transported through the blood and 90 percent of the blood is water I've said earlier.

3) Water keep our skin fair and healthy

We need to drink water to keep our skin healthy. When we suffer from dehydration skin burns, some people's skin gets wrinkled. There is no alternative to drinking water to keep our skin healthy.

4) Water is a fuel of our brain

We have some very fine functions of the brain, the functions of our spinal cord are hampered by the lack of water.

Hormone production, neuron transmission means that the transport of information from one cell to another is disrupted. 

When our body doesn't have adequate water for a long time, the ability to think, the ability to make decisions gradually disappears and the brain stops working after a certain period of time. To keep it active, we need to drink plenty of water every day.

5) Water balances our internal body temperature

Each of us has a certain body temperature. When we are in the heat or work hard, our body produces heat. This heat comes out in the form of sweat and helps our body to cool down. 

But when enough water is preserved it come out in the form of sweat. When we have less water in the body, various complications occur. The heat can't come out and we get sick.

After working hard, you must take a little rest and drink enough water to make up for the lostl of water in the form of sweat.

I said at the beginning that the food we eat goes through the process of digestion. It takes a lot of water from the time of eating to the end of digestion.

Lack of adequate amount of water can cause constipation and acidity problems.

Our kidneys are working relentlessly to get rid of wastage from our body. Kidney failure means that waste products cannot be expelled from the body and various diseases will be caused. 

There is no substitute for water for proper functioning of the kidneys. It comes out through water. Drinking less water can lead to kidney stones. Water also has a role in controlling blood pressure in our body.

Since water is so much important to our body that we forget to drink it most of the time.

So today in my article I will introduce you to an app that will remind you to drink water every hour as a bonus. You will be benefitted, your body will be healthy eventually.

Water drink reminder, you can download it from Google Play Store.

You can get this application directly from here:

Then you set the unit of measurement of your choice i.e. millimeter or ounce and give your weight.

This app will tell you automatically how many liters of water you need to drink daily according to your weight.

Now click on the amount of water you drank. Suppose you drink 300 ml of a glass of water, you click on it. Above toolbar you will see how many milliliters of water you need to drink.

Every one hour the app will remind you to drink water. You will get a notification. This is most useful feature of this app that I liked.

You will remember it whenever you pick up the phone. It is a very useful app to stay healthy especially in daily life. 
Even if you forget, the water drink reminder app will forget.

It is not too late, drink water regularly, stay healthy.

The condition to stay healthy is to drink water and don't forget to thank me later! Just kidding!Stay healthy!

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Written by   63
1 year ago
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I often forget to drink water but when I am talking too much then suddenly I feel very thirsty and I drink water together. Water is the most important thing for sustaining life. Thanks for sharing Dear

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1 year ago

Water's another name life. That's why I drink 6 litters water regularly.

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1 year ago

This is undoubtedly a healthy practice. Thus your body is getting enough fluid supply. It's good to hear that. Thank you for your response by the way. Keep yourself healthy all the time.

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1 year ago

Water is the most important for our health. We have to do our best to keep water from our nature safe and clean.

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1 year ago

That is what I've emphasized on my writing. We'll be healthy as long we keep drinking water and our body gets enough fluid supply. It is important for us to make sure our body gets enough water. Water drink reminder app is very much useful in that case. By the way, thank you for your kind words and response. Loved to hear that from you.

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1 year ago