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2 exotic and unique birthday wish idea of mine

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1 year ago

It's been another six days I haven't write any single any words here.Writing is like expressing my thoughts to you as I am not writing I was feeling my inside was filled with so much words.

So again I'm at the table to write about something special today,something very interesting and exciting.

Birthdays are an important events of our life especially when we receives wishes from our loved ones. When we wish someone a happy birthday we always try to make it a special one and a most unique one don't we?On the other hand our loved ones expects also same kind of unique wishes from us.

We try our heart and soul to wish our beloved persons a happy birthday in a most unique, exiting, interesting and exotic way.But when we are searching for any idea we feel like we don't have any ideas which is unique as well as exotic.

So here I'll be writing about some special birthday wishing ways of mine. All these ideas are generated by me and I've used them on various occasions.

Believe me or not my loved ones becomes super astonished getting those kind of wishes.So I'm sharing my exotic ideas here so that you can also astonish your beloved ones in just a blink of an eye.

1)A candle light birthday wish with happy birthday song playing from the behind

This wish can be done both online and offline as we know there is a pandemic situation going on. If your loved ones are not with you so that you can wish by taking a video of the whole wish.

If you are lucky you have your loved ones in front of you than you can do it right in front of her.If you are making video than place the video camera in front of the candle lights. Now I'm telling you step by step process of this wish.

1) First of all turn off the lights make your room dark.

2) If you know how to play guitar or harmonica that would be super awesome.Your guitar tunes will add more emotions to the wish.If you are playing happy birthday tune on guitar than no need to play it in the sound box. 

3) Assemble the candles in a way like if you are celebrating 2 years anniversary than assemble the candles like a big "2".So when you'll light them up a big "2" will be visible right in front of you.

4)If your loved ones are in front of you than say nothing just start playing your guitar and start singing the happy birthday song in the dark room. When you finish than light the candles one by one in a systematic way.

5)After finishing lighting up all the candles, than hold his/her hand or hug him/her and wish "Happy birthday/ Happy anniversary".

Personally I've wished my brother these way and when I've done he was like oh my god I've never seen such heart warming wishes in my entire life.

So if you are searching for an unique and exotic idea to wish you loved ones you can oviously try this. I can assure you you'll receive tremendous amount of love from the opposite site.

Now when birthday or anniversary people's love to blow down the candle but have you noticed I've lighten up the candles?There is a interesting reason behind this.

It's your birthday or anniversary and this is not the end of your love or friendship rather it's an another begining in your life.So to begin something why you won't light up the way?

Think differently from the people ,only than you'll be considered as unique. it's an another begining in your life so don't make it look dark.

2)If you are wishing someone who is not right in front of you or living abroad or living away than try this.

Than you need send a video wish you can't do more than that but make this video wish a creative one. Here what I've thought about the video birthday wish.

1) Place your phone in a place where your face is seen perfectly.

2)Again light up a candle by singing the happy birthday song.

3)When you finished singing than start talking about some special things about him/her.Like what you could have done if he/she was with you? How much you are missing the days you've passed together? Just deliver the special words in the video so that your video wish has become so rich in emotions.

4)Than add a most favourite song of his/her in the video and send it exactly at 00:00 AM. Now wait for the reaction of him/her I bet he'll just love it.

Oh let me add one more thing If you want to send a birthday cake with written name of his/her than you'll love to hear that there is a site for this purpose.

There are tons of cakes designs just choose one and write his/her name than download it.

If your loved ones prefer a vanilla cake than choose a vanilla cake write her name on it and send it. If your loved ones aren't with you than this idea will be super helpful.

Here I've given my three idea of super exotic birthday wish ideas of mine.I thought and thought to get the most unique ideas.

After thinking many a times I was able to generate those ideas and I hope my ideas will warm your loved ones heart.

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Written by   63
1 year ago
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