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Love Letter

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1 year ago

Dear God,

I thank you for,

the LOVE you always given to me. Those time that I never feel with other whom I am expecting. But your abundant love it all.

the JOY that who keeps me smiling in between of trial and challenges that I am facing. You always put joy in my heart no matter how hard it is.

the strength who makes me more powerful to conquer every obstacles that surrounds me. You always remind me to use your armor. You are the reason why I can still smile in front of your people who sometime let me feel belittle. Because of my identity in You I can stand straight and telling I'm ok without any hesitation.

the BLESSINGS for providing all of our needs. You never let me feel lacking. You are a good provider, comforter, healer and all the blessings that I have is coming from you.

the PROTECTION for you always keep us safe me and my family. I don't what will I feel without your protection. For the life that you have given to us. Every morning when I wake up you always make me feel great and loved by you. Thank you for everything.

My dear God may you continue to bless us and guide everyone of us. Specially those who are in need emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Healed those who are sick. Let your will be done Lord.

To you I give all the glory, honor and adoration in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen


My Loving Father

My life was not as easy like the other teenagers way back during my teenage life. I have a lot of struggles, down fall, disappointments and etcetera. But one day one of my classmates invited me to join in a Bible study. I always ignored her as I remember. Many alibies just not to join her going to a Bible study/sharing in a campus ministry. Until one day in our school campus I heard a full band concert in the Audio Visual Room. So, I went their and I saw many students are clapping and raising their hands, crying while singing, some also are shouting. It looks like weird right? But I do not know why I am stuck and the worst I entered inside the hall and find a sit for me observing what they are doing. Until I realized that the song they sung are all praises and worship to God. All I did that time was to listen the songs they sang. Well, I don't know how to sing those songs coz it was my first time to hear those. Really true. Oh! by the way I heard some of those kind of songs but it all just passing by. Not like what I feel that time. Then, to my surprise my tears are falling, lots of tears I really don't know what I felt. Then, this is the amazing thing happened I stood up when the song leader called to go in front of the stage those who wanted to know who God is, and those who wanted to feel the presence of God. Something happened to me but I can't understand I just want to try while I am crying. I just close my eyes and follow how they pray. Then, that was the time when I started of wanting to know who God really is and my relationship to God become deeper and deeper. After that when I feel relieved my classmate who invited me many times tapped my shoulder and asked me "how are you?" Who brings you hear? Then, I said no one I just heard this as I passed by going to the library. Oh! praise God answered prayer, she said with a full smile. There I know that my classmate always prayed for me without asking any returns. All she wanted is for me to be saved and know God. That was April 18, 2000. I started loving God.

Why I am sharing this? I don't know I don't have any reason. It just come up in my mind while I'm thinking God and His greatness. Let it be writing an article without any purpose. I just my heart, my mind, my body, my soul and my spirit. I really want to shout His greatness. I LOVE MY GOD! MY LORD JESUS CHRIST! I love Him though I know that He loves me as much as I do.

Thanks be to God.

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Written by   13
1 year ago
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