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In search of a cozy hotel in the mountains of Uzbekistan

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4 weeks ago
Topics: Travel, Adventure

Along the road often come across some places, where people sale of honey.

You can always stop and buy.

First, we will take a look at the complex called "Nebesa".

Nice houses are located on the slope.

April is not a the high-season, the complex is empty.

In pool is no water - It's cold for swimming.

The climate in Uzbekistan is sharply continental.

During the day at this time the temperature in the mountains can reach +30C and at night fall below 0 C.

The mountain tops are covered with snow.

And we'll be there soon, by the way.

Unfortunately, the "Nebesa" has no advantages, except the appearance of the houses. Microscopic area, small rooms. I'm not impressed. The caretaker came to us.

The junior suite costs 300.000 so'm for one person. And it's not important, if it's an adult or a child.

The suite 50.000 more expensive. Despite the fact that the complex was empty any discounts were flatly refused. But whatever happens, it's for the best.

It's good, that didn't stay there. We had a really great place ahead of us.

On our way there we also have visited this place. Here it is not even clear, what the owners offer to their customers except wandering among the trees.

And this holiday home hasn't opened yet, but I am sure, it will be popular.

This is a wonderful location.

- We haven't opened yet!

They haven't opened yet...

- Thank you for the information.

Well, we've arrived. The hotel is called "Avenue Park".

Here you can admire the mountains, as well as  the Charvak Reservoir.

It was at that time a little shallow, but still looked very nice.

Two days in the suite, breakfast was included.

And they gave us a 20% discount.

Even though the rooms were almost all occupied.

Just because we asked - it's not the high-season right now.

That is called a customer care.

And the location!

Look at this stunning view!

When you come to the mountains - you always want to climb to the top.

In Chimgan you can do it by using the cable way. (the cost of the service: $2).

It's length is 800 meters.

The top point is almost 2 kilometers high.

- Be sure to use the cable way.

-  It is a nice feeling and the views are wonderful.

- The mountain air is amazing.

-  Some  take their children with them.

- Have a nice day!

- Thank's, you too!

- Up here is a strong wind and it's cool.

- And here we have a well-spring.

-  Even in summer it is recommended to bring warm clothes if you, when you planing to reach the top.

- And now, in April, it is really necessary.

- And here are travelling bags.

- Nice green grass is beneath us.

- It  has a very saturated color.

- At this time the juiciest grass is just appearing.

- It's a joy for anyone who eats grass.

- And once again - the traveling bags.

- They got into the cabin by their own, so will be able to get off.

- Open the bar get ready to disembark.

- Opening it...

- Opening it forwards and downwards

- And now we just get out of the cabin.

- So, here is disembarking point.

- It is high and very beautiful up here - great!

- We've just reached the snow peaks.

- It snowed just recently,  two days ago or yesterday.

- The tourist season hasn't begun yet.

- That's why here are quite a few people.

- But still tourists keep coming.

- But in peak season here, they say, are crowds and crowds of tourists.

- And the air is wonderful.

- Though it is cool now.

- It is easy to breathe here!

- By the way, there is a new tradition here to make a wish and tie ribbons on the bushes.

Some vacationers, for some reason I do not understand, climbing up, do not descend from the lift, and immediately go down.

It is some kind of "Merry-go-round ".

And many people do it this way.

I had to miss a dozen busy chairs before I could sit and go down.

- On the way back it is, for some reason,  much more windy,

- It's very, very cool...

- Some passengers even took a blanket with them.

- Hi!

Barbed wire...

This is probably to ensure that no one would jumped off and no one could climb up the cabin.

- The exit.

- This is a rockslide, by the way.

Down here you can ride horses or quad bikes.

-  How much does the ride cost?

- 15,000

- 15,000 for what?

- For one lap.

- Back and forth?

- Yes.

- And 60,000 per hour

60,000 per hour is about 7,5 dollars.

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Written by   7
4 weeks ago
Topics: Travel, Adventure
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Tourism and exploring the world is one of the best thing that can please our soul. Thanks for the knowledge, nice write up and creativity.

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Always welcome brother. We are here to support and learn from each other. You're always welcome

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