Health is Wealth so do Something

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7 months ago

As I grow older I realize the value if wealth and it's critical role in our day to day life.

Health ENABLES us to do things needed to earn, do our chores and of course enjoy life to the fullest!

Having been able to experience 2 minor operations and 2 major one's made me feel like I was given 4 chances to live.

Let me share to you this very confidential story of mine with the thought that sharing this could make you learn a lesson about the VALUE of HEALTH.

  1. Pleural Effusion

I had fluids in my lungs for like a couple of liters. I had to stay in the hospital for like 4 days. I had a pneumonia that is why I got pleural effusion. It was such a painful surgery.

  1. Bartholin Cyst

I have been researching about this illness because it is not something common from anyone and it only happens on WOMEN. YES WOMEN!

A cyst called bartholin that when get infected becomes an abscess. It occurs on the side of my vagina. It is very very painful! What causes? There were a lot of hearsays be it hygiene, hereditary or maybe I was just so unlucky! I had an incision as the doctor call it to drain the pus, yes pus! A yellow and smelly thing. If you know BOIL? It is like a boil with cyst on it but when the pus has no passage to go out it becomes bigger and bigger and it is very painful, very painful that you would to get killed that suffer. Plus when it gets so big it would make your skin thinner til the passage will show on its own but it would make me unable to walk for like 2-3 days. After the incision I stayed for like about 3 days in the hospital but was detained because we could not pay for the hospital bill. It was the most traumatic time for me. We promised to pay for it through installment because our only balance was like around 3k or 5k but yeah they won't allow us to go out still.

I had regional anesthesia for this procedure because I was so afraid.

  1. C- Section

This serves as my 3rd and 4th operation but for me the BEST!

This is when I got to see my two little princess!

...end thoughts...

Having the last two illnesses did not let me to do a lot of things and hurt my pocket BIG TIME. Though as for the last 2 major operations it wasn't an illness but it weakens me too.

So as much as possible we have to stay healthy. My debt which were a LOT was caused by all of these, of me being hospitalized. Hospitals are way too expensive that is why I am always afraid to visit doctors when I get sick but then, in order not to go to doctors and make sure we are healthy we got to eat healthy before we eat like those type of food tastes like medicine to be one.

Though I never knew how did I got the cyst but I was advised not to eat too much chicken most especially the skin, the fat of meat as well.

Then as for my lungs not to eat much chocolates. I was also advised not to let my sweat drained on my body especially the back part.

I wanted to do a lot of things. Way before I dream of becoming a dancer but now it makes me feel like I am always tired. I forget often. They're saying it is the effect of the anesthesia that I had for like 3x.

So hopefully, this article could make you start to do something because I will and I'll do!

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7 months ago


You got that right, once you are healthy there are so many opportunities you can make use of.

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6 months ago

Once my uncle advised me not to eat too much oily food. It will be harmful for you. When you will become 35 plus you will affected by gastric problem. I know he was true and from then i reduce my oily food. Health is wealth. When i will be 40 maybe i would have enough money but if i don't Have a good health these money will be just burdensome.

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7 months ago

It is nice to know that you followed what was advised to you dear. To more healthy life ahead! πŸ₯‚

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6 months ago