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Written by Β Β 104
1 month ago

Days ago I posted an article about my brothers birthday celebration which has been made possible because of my earnings here in and Now it is a family bonding that is made possible with bitcoin cash!

Now if you may ask if I am still hodling BCH? Yes of course! I see to it that I return what I have borrowed to myself or if not I write more in and post more in to double what I usually earn. Just that, seems like Rusty didn't find my latest articles too interesting but still I am thankful.

Now here's what I have withdrawn so far for our family bonding:

This is equivalent to: $30

What did I bought with this?

We made barbecue and grilled a separate meat as well
Grilled fish
Dessert: Mango Float
Newyorker Bread and Cheese sticks for snacks

Also my brother gave a certain amount for the travel fee since we have to ride a bus going to our destination and he opted to pay for everyone. He just completed his apprenticeship in an inter-island company and within the month he would be busy with some training before he decide to apply for a new one.

Never did I remember that we had any family bonding since the day I was born. The usual reason is of course financially we are incapable to go to anywhere and my parents are just too pre-occupied before with a lot of things. It has been me and my siblings dream to have such a family bonding that we can remember when we get older. Something that could serve as a memory and that could make us smile because time will come, when they would have their own family it is going to be very hard to even call them. I want them to also have a good time while I am too.

I posted on my recent article what I felt and I really have to escape such busy thoughts to freshen up or else I'll go insane plus this might be the only time that we can travel and enjoy as a complete family because in a few days time there will be a lot of things that each family members would be occupied.

My brother who was born next to me would need to attend trainings. My other brother to whom we just celebrated the birthday decided to stop studying when pandemic started and now he is assigned by our neighbor to help them with their food business. My sister the youngest of us 4 would have to attend to her modules and other things related to her studies while me would have to again focus to my work and family. While my mom would be busy trying to follow up to her agency if she can still go back to work since they had to stop their operation when pandemic started.

On my emotional side I need this. I need this bond with them bigtime. For years, I got so pre-occupied with just striving to survive so I can give them a better life and I forgot to just get a life. While on the other hand I know that they have personal issues and I want them to take a chill as well. Life punched the hardest but I am happy that it made us stronger.

Going back, we prepared what to bring a day before then at exactly 5AM we travelled going to the beach.

Here's just a random click when we arrived at our destination
Another random click with my daughter

All the foods we brought were not cooked just yet. We just made sure that the meat is well marinated the night before. We decided to cook those foods when we arrive at the beach so we decided to bring a stove as well. Good thing the stove is just so easy to bring with us anywhere we go.

Instead of riding a bus we saw an empty jeepney so my brother talked to the driver and negotiate with him if he can prolly send us to our destination and he agreed.

It made the travel a lot easier. This was one downside when travelling or goin on a trip though if you got no car it is going to be a challenge to ride from one bus to another or jeepney especially if there are many of you.

On this trip we were 15 pax plus the kids since my cousins and uncles decided to come with us which we did not decline because the more the merrier!

As for covid protocols of course we still followed it. We are living on the same compound plus we rode on the samw jeepney. As of this writing going to beach is now allowed so as travelling with kids as long as we maintain social distancing with others which was pretty cool with me. I was once afraid to let my kids go out but it made them ignorant with the outside to the point that my youngest was afraid to hear a beep from a car since it has almost been a year since they last went out and saw a road, car and anything outside.

Also, if we kept on letting COVID SCARE to get into our system we would continue to live with anxiety worse depression and I decline to feel that. I also pray that we would not have that disease as well and that this once in a lifetime opportunity to be happy won't take any of us getting the virus.

Care to guess who am I? Haha

This one is priceless for me. Their smile is what keeps me going of course next to my kids. They were my top priority before I had my kids and a part of me will always think about their future and welfare. I dreamed so much for them that I forgot to dream for myself but I never regret any of my sacrifices for them because they are growing as a great individual.

Not to brag but just so you know, no one ever has/have a vice. NONE of my brothers SMOKE NOR an ALCOHOLIC. They would of course sometimes drink alcoholic beverages but occasionally just like me. None of them ever tried taking drugs. Even without a father we grew up afraid to go to a wrong path.

And here's us with our Queen, our dearest Mother.

And here's another click with our Mom. The best Mom in the world.

In time, I will write about my mom and how grateful I am to be with her.

Thank you for reading this article and do not forget to take a chill. Have some dip into that salty water, feel that tingling sensation of sunlight on your skin. For once, care not with getting tanned or with sun burn. You deserve to breath and you deserve to enjoy.

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Written by Β Β 104
1 month ago
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wieeee natakam ako bigla huhu (3am) Same same, occasional drinker haha. It's a good sight, a happy family :))

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1 month ago

Nagutom ako sa mango float. Nakakatakam! I miss the beach too! Magsasummer na pero malamig pa rin dito. Ansaya ng family mo Glez, kakatuwa. God bless you more.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Whoa! Momma thank you for the upvote! ☺😘

God bless you too momma. First time namin toh. Nakakaiyak nga tingnan ang pictures. For many years di namin na experience to talaga kaya ang saya lang.

Hahaha masarap talaga yung mango float. If only you are near us I could even send you a newyorker bread to come with it. Haha

$ 0.00
1 month ago