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Good evening everyone. How are you today? How was your day? Hope you had a wonderful one. It feels so good to be here.

My name is Elizabeth. I am from Nigeria. I'm 20 years old. I'm a writer and I've been in love with writing since I was a kid. It all started with reading storybooks till I started writing stories and articles. I gra

I'm studying in Nigeria and I hope to meet awesome writers here. I have a lot of hobbies. Weird, right? Yeah, I love doing a lot of things.

What I love doing

I love reading novels, articles, and books. I love writing articles, stories, life experiences, and so on. I've written some stories and articles which I will share with you all.

I love making friends even though I'm a shy and quiet person and I hope I make new friends here.

I love fashion, especially hair styling. Hair styling is another skill I learned and I love it. I make wigs at my leisure.

I love cooking a lot. It's one of the reasons I chose to be a food scientist. It's always been my desire to know how to prepare all Nigerian foods and some continental food. I love learning new recipes, the feeling is thrilling 😍

I love watching movies; I love watching movies at a quiet time. I'm a real fan of Korean drama, Indians, and Hollywood. Funnily, movies are like my sleeping doseπŸ˜ƒ. I sleep off while watching movies.

I love music; music has been my best friend since I was little. That explains why I became a chorister at an early age. I listen to music every day, it helps me cool my mind.

What I dislike

I dislike betrayal; Though I love making friends, I'm always careful while at it. Yeah, I always remember the saying; 'once bitten, twice shy, you're curious, right? It's part of my experiences which I will gladly share with you

I dislike dark places; due to what I experienced, I hate being in the dark. It's creepy and scary.

How I got to know about read. cash

A friend, who's a writer told me about this platform. since I'm also a writer, she felt it will be amazing to be part of this platform. I'm glad to be part of this platform as it has been helpful.

What I have learned from this platform

I've learned a lot from this platform; I've learned more about how to write articles, I've learned how to interact with my fellow writers and readers and I've learned to make positive impacts on my readers through my stories and articles.

What I must do and mustn't do

So far, I've learned the most dos and don'ts of this platform: I must like and comment on other writers' articles and stories. I must subscribe to other writers' pages. I must be committed to posting a minimum of 600 words daily.

I must not make any post that is against the platform policy. I'm looking forward to meeting amazing writers here

I hope I am welcome here lovelies.

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Thanks for reading ❀.

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good intro

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1 year ago

Welcome dear glamliz. I wish you the best on this platform.😊😊😊

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1 year ago

Thanks dear❀

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