My limit to religious beliefs

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6 months ago

Nice midweek fams, I appreciate you all for reading my article today. I hope we are having a good time and a beautiful week. Yesterday according to science, we were e to experience Uranus in opposition. This means that planet Uranus will be visible from the sky for those with good eyesight. I wished I saw that or would have been in space for the show, lol.

As I was napping after having a day yesterday, I was reading some news headlines that inspired some questions which I decided to write about. I hope you'll find them interesting. It's just a couple of random questions and my answers. I hope to read more entries... Let's go

Do you still have feelings for an ex?

Big no, the only thing I can say here is that sometimes I remember him and also some good moments together. There's no single feeling left in my cupboard for him and I believe that's why he's called an ex. Some people might have feelings for an ex though, maybe because they miss something they benefit from but for me, I have everything I ever wanted and am still growing single to have more. Having feelings for him isn't bad anyway as long as we're still just friends but no feelings attached. That's the clear definition.

Do you believe in love language?

Yes, love language exists and it is very important in relationships and marriages. I think partners should really study that and know when anyone if they speak or be able to read demonstrations. Women are so dramatic that their love language can be difficult to read at times but what matters here is that they express it always. Therefore, understanding love languages and expressing it uniquely makes a sense of a good relationship. I strongly believe that,, it exists and everyone uniquely has it.

How do you handle stress and pressure?

At this stage of my life, stress is so inevitable. It always comes and goes but how I respond to it matters to me the most. Since last weekend, I haven't had a sweet and memorable day because of school activities and mostly, the exams. I leave the hostel every morning and sometimes without breakfast just to catch up with time, come back stressed and take a shower. One thing that baffles me to do is to cook while I am already stressed. I have something to cook but lack the time and energy to do so. The best way I handle stress is when I come back, I go take a shower and relax my body a little bit, then have a cold drink and boom, I sleep for a couple of minutes with a very empty stomach. That is the time I go to buy food for myself after I go back to reading again before cooking. Such is my life as a university student, ouch! Someone come help me!

What is your take on feminism generally?

My take here is very simple. I know women fight fir equal rights but to me, men and women can never be equal. It would do better if feminism should also channel her energy to make women understand that they can do better than men despite being a weaker vessel than only focusing on gender equality.

Is the idea of a joint account repulsive to you?

Having a joint account is something good, an idea that should be welcomed in every agreed home. It really has so many positive results though there will always be a negative side in everything that has a positive side. There's nothing wrong with having a joint account but I think it is better in marriage than in a relationship.

Do you think there's a limit one should stop when it comes to religious beliefs?

I think this is a personal decision because there are thousands of worship places with different beliefs. What they teach might be the same but there must be a difference. Some churches in my town don't observe the Sunday as a day of worship, while some don't wear beads and chains on their body and so on. In my religion, I observe the Sunday and don't play with my make-up. One thing I think every religion should limit themselves on is seeing others who aren't their member as an unbeliever or treating them improperly. One other limit is trying to preach in places they aren't meant for them to preach. For instance, in a classroom if students are waiting for their lecturers. This is my personal opinion though.

How are you when you are angry?

I hardly get angry but it happens anyway. Most times when I am angry, I don't reveal it. I use my energy to do something else instead of staying at a spot screwing myself up. If whatever made me angry is free, why should I lock up myself with feeling and a burning heart. It is healthy though to get angry but I don't spend so much time being mad. If it was someone who made me angry, I would confront the person immediately and get going where I find my peace of mind like playing soft songs or leaving the scene.

That's it guys, this is the end and I hope you are cool with it. Thank you for your time once again and have a lovely day.


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6 months ago


I don't think I can ever agree to a joint account from what I've seen and heard. But just like you said, there is a negative side to every good thing. Maybe it's worth trying

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6 months ago

Yeah men and women are two different human beings that can never be equal coz we have different strong and weak points by nature. Though there are fields and areas that both can excell... but women are excellent , hahaha! just kidding, lol!

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6 months ago