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Viktor Orban, the feminazi state-god of Hungary

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Written by   88
6 months ago

Orbán Viktor (or as some foreigners know him, Victor Orban) is well known in world politics for his anti-immigrant rhetoric. His right-wing supporters hail him for stopping the migration wave, and applauding him for forcing the EU to stop its pro-migrant proposals. His left-wing critics says he is a corrupt populist, who only stuffs his own pocket. Actually, both side is right. From this article, i will explain, how Orbán Viktor came into power, how he managed the country, and why there is a humanitarian crisis unfolding in Hungary.

Who is Viktor Orban and the Fidesz

Viktor was arises as an anti-communist activist around the end of the soviet era. He was arrested by communists, but released shortly afterwards. He formed the party Fidesz with his college friends. He was a scholar in England for a few months from the money of Soros (later on, the two became enemies). His first known performance is a motivational speech in a cemetery, on a burial of an anti-communist martyr, where he demanded the withdrawal of soviet troops from Hungary. On the first elections, Orbán and his party was not able to earn significant support, but they was able to consolidate their position on the palette of politics.

Without principles

Orbán Viktor annouced their main principles: a party without ideology (ref). They was anti-religion and liberal, but later on, they have switched sides, and bacame aligned with the christian democrats. The two party allied later on. The no-ideology principle gave them maneuvering room compared to their rivals. From the early times, almost all party and leader faded away, but Orbán and the Fidesz was able to gain and maintain support.

The first turn of Fidesz: the Orban-regime

Fidesz with Orbán won the elections 1998. The post-communist transition was slowly over, the country was very chaotic. Orbán decided to hit populist rhetoric. They have introduced a general family-support and a family oriented program. The main point of the first Orbán government was to be family-centric. They have introduced a program called: three children, four wheel, two rooms. Which meant they wanted the families to own a car, and own a house. The gave tax returns to families. They have expected the number of childbirths to rise. This didn't happen, the number of childbirths in Hungary reached historically negative record, 1.4 child per woman, which is below the population replacement rate. The program of the Orbán-system was indeed focusing on females. (ref)

The state still continued their compulsory draft army program. Every boy when they have passed the age 18 was forced to military service. This military service was basically an unpayed forced labor program, which was introduced by communists decades ago. The young men was forced to work on fields for years, their helath was damaged, a lot of them died or get crippled, regardless of their medical conditions. Meanwhile the Orbán government was supported mostly by females, who got free money and opportunities, young men was forced to these forced labour camps which they was not able to leave, as the childbirth numbers fell radically. There was certain activists who wanted to close this forced labor program, but Orbán refused to listen to them, and was saying as a mantra: the draft army makes a men to be a real men. This is how we arrived to the next elections in 2002. (ref)

Losing the elections

The socialist party, which was in opposition, decided to suspend the conscrpition. This sole programpoint was enough for them to win. Fidesz lost the elections, and Orbán became mentally unstable from the shock of the return of the reds. He was sent to a mental asylum in Austria, where he was trated secretly (ref). They have loaned one of the floors for him, to receive his mental treatments. The socialist party decreased the age of consent from 18 to 14. This resulted a significant decrease of sexuality-related crimes as well. Building of the feminazi banana state has been ended.

Problems under socialism 2.0

The socialist party developed its own issues. They allowed minorities to do whatever they want, Gipsys were robbing and killing Hungarians on daily basis. Most of factories were sold to foreigner investors, and this is how the country entered the European Union. Movements fighting for Hungarians living on occupied territories (South Slovakia, West Ukraine, Transilvania) were harrassed by the government. As a reaction to this, the far right started protesting. The far right and the socialist party clashed. They tried to ban the far right movements, and they was partially able to do so, but it was too late.

When i first saw Viktor Orban

The elections of 2006 was coming. This was the first time i went voting as well. Before voting, i have decided to visit the campaign event of Fidesz and Orbán, to listen, what they say. The event was a rock concert by a popular band of that time, with long pauses between tracks. In these long pauses, Orbán and his local candidates were speaking. The first interesting thing i noticed is that Orbán barely even knew where he is. His aids had to correct his mistakes sometimes, he missed the county where he is, he missed the telecommunication corporation he was referring to (that was located in a totally different part of the country), and he made an extremely bad impression. I have noticed in the eye of the crowd (rockers) that they was indeed not satisfied with the performance of Orbán. I was thinking, oh my fucking god, this RETARD was the leader of the country, and he wants to became one again? There was barely any logic in the words he was saying, all he was doing was bashing the socialists, and saying nothing concrete, just throwing words after words about how fantastic will be, if they finally win. Yeah, it will be indeed fantastic for them, but i was not amused. They lost the elections again.

Revolution of 2006 - how Orbán and the Fidesz came to power again

Protest were very rare in Hungary after the end of communism, but in 2006 they quickly became frequent. The protests were organized by far right activists, but regular people started joining as well. The life standards became worse, taxes skyrocketed to sustain the crazy social programs of socialists. This time, the protests were very different, as protests are usually happening only in larger cities, but this time small towns also witnessed spontanous protests. Something was floating in the air. People felt that something is coming, something will happen. There was a far right group who organized a protest in front of the national television. Then they have decided to bring in their demands to the television. The demands were about decreasing taxation, protecting Hungarians from ethnic violence, calling Hungarian soldiers serving in foreigner countries to home, and similar ones. A 9 year old girl, daughter of one of the protestors, was tasked with this. They dressed her up in traditional Hungarian clothes, gave the paper in her hands, and told her to bring it to the TV station. The girl knocked in.

One of the boss of the national TV came out, spitted the girl in the face, gave her a slap, and closed the door.

The events after this acted like a spark on the ignition cord. The owners of the TV station forget the fact that the internet exists, and now people have smartphones which they can use for video streaming. All the events was streamed in live. I was among the viewers. There was a few 100 viewers of the stream, but just seconds after this incident happened, the viewer count went above 1000, then a couple of more seconds, and it had more than 10000 viewers. The server was not able to sustain the sudden load (large scale live streaming is not a thing yet) and connections were thrown, the site went offline. People started to call each other to tell about the events all across the country, and masses decided to go to Budapest. Masses, who were suffering for years, who just lost their job, who had enough from the unbearable bureaucracy. Mostly with steel rods, axes, knives, molotov cocktails.

The night have arrived, and the angry mass grew, yet, they didn't do anything just yet. The national TV finally decided to show the protest on the screen - which they didnt bothered till the moment. They have announced, there are about 100 far-right protester is protesting in the front of the building. In reality, the number of protesters were about 100000, and they have listened the broadcast of the TV. The TV was merely more than a state owned propaganda-channel, disconnected from reality. And the state was disconnected from its people. People rushed in, and burned the building. The riot police arrived, with plastic bullets, then with water guns, then with normal bullets.... The mass ravaged and disarmed them. People were so angry, they were not stopping even if they got shot. The country descended to chaos. The streets were burning, the police was barely able to keep the situation under control. Even if the socialist party lost control, they tried to re-gain it for two years without success.

Fidesz 2.0: The new Orbán regime

Fidesz and Orbán were watching the events from a safe distance. Only after the main parts of the riots were over, they came out from their hideouts to annouce the big support for the protest. Using their propaganda machine, they have even convieced the public that they were the organizers and heroes behind the protest. They have finally won the elections in 2010. One of their first action was to establish a new anti-terror police, which have hunted down the real protestors of 2006 and ensured the people will never arise against their slave owners - which was now the Fidesz with Orbán itself. They made a new law that considered everything against a public servant as an act of terrorism, and made criticism of the laws of the state as an act of a crime. Orbán Viktor and the Fidesz started to build an authoritarian-type of state which they run as irreplaceable state-gods. (ref)

Orbán's strategy to increase fertility rate

What a kingdom worth, if there are no subjects? The population were started to shrink quickly due to migration and low fertility rates. The country were losing almost half percent of population in every year. New strategy was needed. Openly they haven't announced anything just yet, they slowly increased benefits and social aids for mothers, which somehow had no effect. They needed new ways, and they needed them fast.

Orbán's flirting with extreme feminism

From the early 2010s, they were slowly transitioned to a new system on courts which always favored women in the case of divorces. Leading by female judges, women was always granted to have the parental rights of the children. The pension system changed, which allows women to go to pension earlier on. Government-related offices are being filled up with women. All of this were ongoing secretly, as Orbán - after his fiasco with the draft army - was afraid to openly start to put burdens on the neck of the men.

Orbán legalizes discrimination of men in the constitute

In 2012 they have announced a new constitute, which isn't even called constitute any more. Its called the base-law, which replaces the constitute. They have remove ,,republic'' from the name of the country, and they make radical changes. One of the radical changes is that freedom if speech is not granted any more, it can be suspended by the government under any circumstances. The another one is that the government declares female as special citizens, who can have extra rights and extra protection, basically making them superior citizens. (ref)

Fidesz announces: they want to make a new deal with women

The reproduction rate didn't grew, and Orbán decided to change the rhetoric of the state to a pro-female voice, which now the new constitution allows him. He announced that he wants to make an alliance with the Hungarian women. After this announcement, every family-program by the state was redesigned to be a women-oriented program. New laws were proposed and sometimes accepted, openly discriminating against men. (ref)

Laws on domestic violence

The state introduced new laws on domestic violence, despite of loud concerns of the police and court system itself. The domestic violence became a new crime cathegory (similarly to some western states) and was punishable on its own. Of course these laws are systematically used against men, because domestic violence is an imaginary crime, that can be pulled out of the hat if there is no real violence happened, and there are no detectable injuries involved. (ref)

Discrimination in the pension system

Women got pension-time deductions, and they can go to pension after 40 years of work, if they have raised child. In comparison, men cant go to pension before they reach the age 65. The problem is that women live far longer than men in Hungary, which in practice means that majority of men will not survive their pensioner age, and literally works till the end of their lives. (ref)

Insane proposal: female votes would count double

Orbán Viktor and Fidesz decided to give extra political power to the families. Of course, this program was also directed towards women, and in practice they wanted to give extra votes on every elections to every female, who had a child, after every child. This meant that the vote of a women would be counted 4x times if she had 4 children. Orbán Viktor publicly shared his views about how fantastic this would be, but he got no support for it inside the party. Later on, he expressed his sadness, that his new ,,family centric'' voting plan was derailed. (ref)

Insane taxation

Viktor Orbán and his regime started to run out from money in 2016, so they had to find new ways to gather tax. One of their big idea was the introduction of smart cash registers. These registers have sim cards, and connected directly to the tax office. With this, the tax office had full view on the traffic of shops. Orbán previously also increased vat to 27% which is record high on the wold. In Hungary, if you buy a pair of shoes, 70-90% of the price is being paid directly or indirectly as tax, which means that people cant afford proper clothes any more. (ref)

Tax cuts for women

Overwhelming majority of Orbán are women, and he was afraid to lose some of his female voters from these insane taxation practices. Therefore he decided to give tax returns to women who rised a child. Orbán decided to give large cuts who had one or two children, and no to collect any personal income tax from a women who had more children. Men are of course forced to pay full tax regardless of how many children they had. (ref)

Mass evictions

The artificial economy Orbán created was not sustainable. One of the main reason for this was the weakening of HUF, the Hungarian currency, which loses the value very fast compared to other currencies, and people who had loans in foreigner currencies, found the interest rates rise higher than their monthly salaries. People with loans started to go bankrupt. Significant part of the population got evicted from their homes from 2010 to 2021. People started to protest against this, so Orbán decided to jail journalists who were sharing reports of the evictions. Journalists are being detained on the scene and they are getting arrested in the scene of evictions by the police. Lawyers also routinely getting arrested. The activist who were specialized to make videos about evictions, got harrassed by the secret service, his social media and youtube accounts got locked, his banking account got freezed and his money was deducted by the state. (ref)

Banning homeless people

Mass evictions resulted a large number of homeless people. Orbán got disturbed by the fact that homeless people were flocking in the cities like pidgeons. First, they have decided to make begging illegal. This didnt solved the problem, so Orbán decided for a more permanent solution: he simply banned homeless people. That was never been tried before! If you wonder, how that is possible: in Hungary, its illegal to be homeless. Homeless people will get arrested and inprisoned, for their own sake. Their property will be automatically destroyed, ensuring that they will froze to death on the streets once they get released. (ref)

CSOK: Free houses for women

Guess what: evicting people from their homes, not giving parental rights for men, collecting 95% from men, openly discriminating half of the population in the constitute somehow didnt increased the birth rates. Who have imagined that this could happen? Hungarian GDP started to fell to the levels of North African states. Childbirth continued to decrease, and about 10% of the Hungarian population left the country within a decade, because in Germany, Britain or in Austria, a toilet cleaner earns more than a Hungarian nuclear reactor engineer with a diploma in Hungary. A new plan was needed to increase economic activity, and make homes. This plan was originally called the women-loan. A women can get the price of a house as a loan, and she doesnt have to pay it back if she has at least 3 child. Later on, the price was renamed to CSOK (home-creation discount for family). (ref)

Fidesz: pedophilia is worse than murder

Suddenly, pedophilia became the main enemy of the Hungarian society, according to Fidesz and Orban. They announced a new program called: pedophilia is worse than murder. This program would mean that pedophiles getting similar sentences as murders (because according to Fidesz, pedophilia equals to murder), and they create a new pedophile registry, restricting pedophiles to have certain jobs. With this program-point, Fidesz is openly controlled by international feminist lobbysts and the anti-pedophile crackdown is openly directed against men, the program is supported by radical feminists who demand castration of men. Fidesz indeed succesfully made an alliance - an alliance with extreme feminism, socialism, and statism. (ref)

New challenges: ethnic cleansing of Hungarians in Ukraine

In parallel to this, an ethnic conflict in west Ukraine arised. Ukraine occupied parts of East-Hungary, including pure ethnic Hungarian territories in the second world war. Ukraine started to discriminate against Hungarians, such as banning Hungarian language in education institutes, and in work places. Hungary was not prepared for this. The country had 13 airplanes and about 12 working tanks. The military budget suddenly had to be ramped up to re-militarize the country. The draft army is out of the question, so the state started to buy large quantities of foreigner equipment, such as American rockets, aircraft manufacturing plants, aircrafts, machine gun factories, and increased the strength of the army. Barely anything came to reality from these business deals. For example, by using ten years of military budget, the country was able to buy only 44 tanks to replace the old ones. The programs made a significant impact on the GDP as previously the spending of the military was close to only one percent. (ref)

Results of CSOK

The results of the CSOK program (free house for women) resulted the inflation of house prices. Family houses in villages rised in price, from 5-10 million HUF to 25-50 million within a year, far above the levels of CSOK, almost reaching the prices of west europe (meanwhile the salaries are about 90% lower compared to USA or Germany). There was not enough workforce to build the houses, and the free money inflated the prices beyond sane levels, now barely anyone can afford a home for himself. (ref)

Ending free healthcare in the middle of the crisis

The decade long mismanagement, corruption, braindrain, and anti-male laws and rhetoric resulted the treasury to run dry. To compensate this, the state ended free universal healthcare. Since 2020, everyone must pay an insurance fee or pay for the full price of the operations, similar to USA if he wants to get treatment. What coud possible be a bigger weapon against mass pandemics than ending healthcare? What a very good idea this is, tought Orbán and the Fidesz, in the middle of coronachan! Let the numbers talk for themself:

Hungary became a recorder of the number of deaths from the virus per captia, as people don't have access even to basic healthcare.

Its illegal to share (fake) news about coronavirus

As footages started to circulate about dead bodies stockpiled in hospitans, Orbán decided to ban fake-news. Sharing fake news are now a crime in Hungary. And what a fake crime is? The state declares it. Orbán choose to let people die instead of letting the news slip out from closed rooms of government. Any information that is not identical to the information shared by the state, is fake news, and punishable with prison. For example, majors and officials belonging to the opposition got detained after they tried to protect their cities. (ref)

Rapid fell in life standards

The Orbán regime manages a yearly 5-10% inflation in prices. A decade ago, one EUR was 260 HUF, now its 370 HUF. House prices went up by 5x times, and in the recent crisis, prices of food doubled, gasoline, basic goods increased drastically. Luxury items, such as tobacco, rised from 500 Huf to 1800 Huf within a decade.

10% of population is gone

About one million Hungarian left the country in the last decade, luckily there was some compensation of ethnic Hungarians moving to Hungary, which made the population shrink less steep. As terrorizing men for decades surprisingly didn't increased child birth rates, the population of Hungary is projected to fell to 5 million by 2100, and only half of them will be ethnic Hungarians.

I regret not beating Viktor Orban

The campaign in 2006 was the first and last time i saw Orban in person. I regret not beating him down. If a rat like this, walks up to the podium, be sure to drag him or her down. Dont just let him walk away. The rise of Orbán is the mistake of the Hungarian people. Populists like Orbán are being controlled by western and eastern lobbysts, they dont have visions, they dont have knowledge, they just have a wish: a wish to have their own kingdom, where they can became state-gods.


The population of Hungary will shrink from 10 million to 5 million by 2100. The fertility rate is one of the lowest on the planet, despite of one fifth of the GDP is being spent on ,,aiding mothers'' meanwhile in the same time men having no reproductive rights, and subject to imaginary sexual crimes which are punished similarly as murder. House prices rising about 5 times in every five years. Currency loses yearly 5%-10% compared to USD and EUR, yet the official inflation data is yearly 0.1%. Virtually all workman left the country and if you buy something, about 90% of the price is directly or indirect tax. Despite the highest tax on the world, there are no free healthcare, homeless people are persecuted, smaller towns dont even have sidewalks, and and the death ratio of the coronaplague is the highest on the world. The authorither ruler of the system, Viktor Orban, is hailed and supported by the neonazis all across the planet because he built a fence against foreigner migrants. Viktor have annouced the work-based society, but he himself haven't worked even one minute in his enire life.

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Written by   88
6 months ago
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Right-wing politicians in western Europe sometimes refer to Orban as a shining example of nationalism. This article shatters that impression, in a way that is digestible regardless of political preference of the reader. Thanks for this very enjoyable read that lives up to its clickbait title.

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6 months ago

Thankyou. Orbán's is out of luck, and he could become a shooting star next year. After these hysterical feminazi laws, they are far worse than the competitons - and there is not much point any more to vote for them. They will likely lose the elections next year by a landslide. I am, however, not sure if they are willing to give up the control.

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6 months ago

It will take an entire generation (~30years, +/-)
to get past the effects of conscription.
As that era approaches, hope may begin to return.

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6 months ago

It is really bad what has become of Hungary. I feel sorry for my Hungarian friends who still live in Hungary.

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6 months ago

I have heard similar problems in your country, but they are usually legitimized on the standpoint of a fake religious interpretation.

$ 0.00
6 months ago

Yes, it's similar, but I don't think it's quite as bad. PiS lost the majority in the Senate in the last elections and in parliament they have only a very narrow majority. They have two small coalition partners with whom they have quarreled and lost some votes recently. It is not impossible that the coalition partners will leave them and there will be new elections. And they have bad poll numbers now.

$ 0.00
6 months ago

Whenever I see my foreign friends praising Orbán, I always facepalm and go "Ah shit, here we go again", as I have to expend all my energy to explain to them in detail, that Orbán is a monster, a traitor to the country, and a nepotistic kleptocrat.

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6 months ago