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How will u love your wife

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2 months ago

Smile.........Greetings my dear friends, how una dey? I just want to share what l observed in marriage nawadays. If u look around u now u may noticed something, that some guys or some marriage end with war. Yes, many marry because she get breast, many marry because she has hip, while some marry because she has something doing in life.......... Sometimes l heard when some men will say l don't want to marry this and that, l want to do baby mama, u might be hearing such a thing shaa but I wonder why they normally say or think such in their life. I asked myself is it because they hate women or is it because of money or any other thing.

My dear don't decivied your self, marriage is sweet and marriage is bitter also. Understanding matters alot in any thing in life. Is true no body is perfect in this world but try your best to build your home and make it to be best among. In terms of marriage husband should please respect the wife and the wife should also respect the husband. See let me tell u lf u want to love your wife more than u expected see what u try to b doing this is my own suggestion and am sure it will work lf u are willing to do so.

  • open up her heart, don't open her old wounds

  • Play with her breast, don't play with her heart

  • Keep her secret, don't keep secret from her

  • Help her to make good judgement, don't judge her.

  • Beat up her problem, don't beat her up

  • Laugh with her, don't laugh at her

  • Surprise her with gifts, don't surprise her with lies

  • Spank her butt cheek, don't slap her face cheek

  • Silence her storms and battles, don't silence her voice and opinions

  • Relieve her stress, don't give her stress

  • Make her moan in pleasure, don't make her moun the death of your love

  • Be by her side, don't sideline her

  • Keep a record of all the good she deliberately does daily, not the wrong she unintentionally does occasionally

  • Don't insult her stretchmarks, stretch her vision so that she leaves a positive mark on earth😂

  • Hug and kiss her everyday

  • Express appreciation for her doing the laundry and folding your clothing

  • Say "Thanks you" after every meal she serves even though she might not the one that brings out the money. Then help her clear the table or offer to do the dishes with her.

Abeg my people make una pardon meooo remember l just want to share what l observed and put suggestion. So l believe some of this thing l listed is what l think can help in many Areas. Ok let me telk una something. For some men, the thought of affirming their wives sound like a lot of work. Others are anxious about being so vulnerable with displays of affirmation. Whatever the reason, they hesitate to step out and purse the call to love. like I said earlier husband, love your wives, lf you' ve hesitate affirming your bride. Or lf you've been slow to praise her qualities, trust me on this: just do it. Affirmation your wife through even just three or four of this ideas also .

Loving your wife is number one thing I must do her everything about u, caring, kind, humble, thought her more .

So my dear friends...let me stop here for my little article and smile small don't laugh big oooo.

Smile.....still your friend @Genevieve.BCH

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Written by   6
2 months ago
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Your article is very interesting... But even men also need it too, keep it up in your wonderful article pretty👍

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2 months ago

Nice write up, well, body doesn't matter when one is going into marriage, the most important is the love and friendship they both have, many people go after the wrong thing in a woman which is very wrong, lastly, if she has a big bumbum, go for her sha😁😇

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2 months ago

Good advice! Bravo 👏

Let me ask; are you married?

I still wonder how you managed to gather those exposures.

Thanks for sharing, as I believe it may help some couples here.

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2 months ago