The environmental ecological and attitude behaviours effect

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The psychology of sustainable behavior

Human behavior affects almost all environmental issues such as air and water pollution, climate change, Deforestation and loss of biodiversity. Psychological research provides a clue as to why people are hired Despite their concerns about the broader consequences, volatile behavior is at the same time a matter of research. Explain why people go out of their way to be sustainable and how to be motivated Strengthen sustainable action. The goal of sustainable behavior psychology is to create conditions. Which makes sustainable action the most appealing or natural choice.

Most people want to live the way we care and respect and depend on the ecosystem.

Express growing concern about the state of our natural environment. Yet we all find ourselves in a state of engagement

Uninterrupted daily behavior that has adverse environmental effects. We are intelligent, thinking animals.

Why is it so difficult for us to change our behavior and address our environmental concerns?

One reason is that although we may have a rational mind that change is needed, it is not always logical for us.

The mind that drives our behavior. Why we are not always rational decision makers

One of the most important observations from psychological research is that many decisions are made

Our conscious, rational brain is rarely an automated, unconscious process based on information.

Be careful. Psychological and neurological evidence has accumulated that thinking is a product of both

Separate system of reasoning: a rule-based system, which is conscious, logical and intentional, and a

Associative systems, which are unconscious, sensitive-driven and persuasive (Sloman, 1996; 2007). In their book

Nodge, Thaler, and Sunstein, (2006) likened the rule-based system to Mr. Spokes and associates of Star Trek.

System from Homer Simpson.

These two systems of reasoning, rule-based and collaborative, work in parallel. But they don't

The always-agreed rule-based system is slow-moving and makes informed decisions with careful consideration. Proof. On the other hand, the collaborative system comes to a decision more quickly with our decision

Intestinal sensation. The collaborative system responds beyond conscious control and to subtle sensitive signals

As acquaintances, emotional (emotional) responses, as transient real or emotional images. Hides our conscious experience

The effect that the associative system has on our daily choices; Most of us think our decisions are based. Thinking through information. However, the associative system plays an unconscious but powerful role in every case

The step that we take and careful, deliberate thinking influences or overrides the decision. Sometimes,

Collaborative systems make completely specific decisions, for example when we perform multi-tasking. Have refrained from thinking on automotive, or otherwise.

Sustainable behaviors have very little application in the auxiliary approach. Consider the behavior of riding a bike to work: a A person's rule-based system is considered a great idea because of all the benefits (health, money saving, fitness),

But his collaborative arrangement is a definite "no way!" Probably because it just can’t handle the idea Walking to the office with "helmet hair"

One way to strengthen sustainability is to apply sustainable activities to integrated systems.

Homer Simpson in each of us). The second strategy is to draw attention to the rule-based system so that it can Emphasizing oneself against the rejection of a sustainable activity of the associative system ("helmet hair is not really a big deal").

We're riding bikes! ”). A better strategy does both: make a sustainable action appealing and attentive

Both are reasonable reasons as well as gut feelings, due to the association-system. The tips described in this handbook are designed to create situations that encourage human inclination (rational And gut-feeling) to take a sustainable step. However, increasing this trend is only the first step (though a Important one). There are a few more important considerations.

Other considerations for a better sustainable expedition

Human behavior is a complex mixture of internal, emotional factors and external signals. Unfortunately, though at

Strong attitudes and motivation for sustainable behavior are important, it is usually not enough by itself

Strengthen sustainable behavior. The following must also be considered for a successful sustainable promotion:

1. All behaviors are situational. Human behavior is an internal drive and an external product

Circumstances, so when the situation changes, the behavior changes with it. Even after a person has formed a

Intention to behave in a certain way, situational situations can lead to surprisingly different behaviors

(E.g., "I wanted to ride my bike to work three times a week this month but my bike broke down").

Will be strengthened and supported across a variety of situational contexts.

2. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Different people react differently

Circumstances that inspire and appeal to a person can have a negative impact

Someone else. As much as possible, should be investigated and possible individual differences considered

Such as mood, worldview or personal situation (Note: Let your audience know the proposal

Partially addresses this consideration).

3. When a few obstacles (real-world, social,

Emotional). Sustainable behavior is easier and thus more likely when people face some obstacles

Sustainable action. Obstacles can be physical, real-world problems such as lack of infrastructure (e.g., no bike)

Lanes), extra costs (e.g., price of organic food) or safety concerns (e.g., waiting for a bus at night)

Obstacles can be cultural or social as friends or colleagues look weird when you bring them up

Your own reusable container for food. Ultimately, barriers can be such a fear both personal and psychological

Difficulty trying new things, breaking habits, or lack of knowledge of how to handle new ones

Verbs (e.g., composting).

Successful sustainable campaigns begin by analyzing the obstacles that people face in managing it.

Special durable action. A method of community-based social marketing (

Encouraging sustainable behavior with the roots of social marketing and social psychology (Mackenzie-Moher and

Smith, 1999). The CBSM method begins with an analysis of the pathways that are obstructed

A community-level strategy is created using a set of barriers once specific behaviors have been identified Of CBSM tools.

This handbook is a good collaborative document for promoting CBSM. This handbook provides tips a

Common approaches to overcoming common psychological and social barriers to sustainable activities. CBSM, on

On the other hand, a behavior test (or small set of behaviors) and specific psychological identification,

Social and physical barriers that prevent people in a community from performing that action.

4. There are different types of actions. Moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle involves many

A variety of actions, some daily and mundane (less water use, recyclable), others rare but with

Lots of effects (car free, insulating a house) Also, there are several behaviors vi

Not sustainable action within themselves, which is still to create a sustainable lifestyle and so on

Sustainable world. For example, writing a letter to a legislator or reading a book about growing organic

Vegetables are both indirectly sustainable actions.

Campaigns focus on larger impact actions that are easier to achieve, such as one-time actions such as buying

Energy-efficient equipment or more fuel efficient cars. Whatever your goal, it can be helpful

Consider the type of action that can be propagated in the step and the level of impact that the different levels have

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Several authors have developed action structures that contribute yo

A. Citizen action ( voting, signature of application)

B. Educational verbs ( information search, reading)

C. Financial action ( donating money, boycotting an organization or product)

Individual stability paves the way for broader social change

Psychology focuses on the issues that affect the behavior of a single person where the person is or is alone

Separate as part of a team. This focus, in a single person at a time or in an action, may seem like a slow path

In a more sustainable world. But it is the individual changes at the grassroots level that make it possible

Extensive social and policy progress will occur Adds small changes. What we each do individually can have synthetic effects

Destructive (sells 5 bottles of bottled water per American water adds 2 million bottles

Minutes) or healing (if each family planted native species in their garden). When a small Change is made by many people, or a person makes many small changes, it starts to be added to one

Significant, positive improvements.

Changes Personal changes are the gateway to public change. An effective way to bring people into the band

Together remove large infrastructure barriers - for example, safe bike routes or a moratorium on new Coal plants allow them to ride bikes or take small steps to reduce electricity costs. Their personal lives. Larger policy changes are more likely to push when many individuals (s)

(Grassroots) people are in favor of change - more votes for or actively fighting

Legal changes that support things they are already doing ( people who are already living on the bus, Bikes, carpools, etc. are asking their legislators to argue for more improved infrastructure or tax incentives).

The work we do to inspire individual change helps to pave the way for policy change.

Understanding individual inspiration helps create a new frame. To gain a better understanding.

How people think about sustainability and environmental issues can help

Frame these effectively in the larger public debate. For example, looking for effective ways to talk about problems

By emphasizing the economic aspects over the nature-conservation aspects, perhaps more broadly

A segment of stakeholders who can then be more active in both cases of individual behavior levels

To join the collective civic action towards policy change.

Individual change normalizes sustainable behavior. An increasing number of individuals adopt

Sustainable behavior, behavior becomes more "normal". Even if people themselves are not alive

The lifestyles that society is trying to bring with policy changes are more receptive to change

They will see more people in the area take this step. Although most people.

Each tip makes a difference

There is no magic formula for sustainable behavior. Follow each tip described in it

Handbooks do not guarantee sustainable behavior because your behavior will still be hampered

Hope to see more (e.g. use less energy, drive less, eat local food, eat less meat, etc.). However,

Implementing a set of these recommendations will increase the likelihood of a sustainable action.

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Our attitude and way of living affects our ecological environment and now we shall try to consider and protect our environment

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"You cannot have a positive life if you have a negative mind"

That is so true. i always remember the law of attraction every time i read something about this.."like attracts like" positive attracts if your mind is negative, it will attract negative as well... So to live life happily and healthily, always have a positive mindset

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Welcome to our interesting platform.

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Pollution of the natural environment has become one of the main concerns in recent years. The consequences of production and consumption are increasingly visible in the natural environment. Therefore, the natural environment has recently gradually become more than just a subject of consideration in production sector, but is also becoming an increasingly important component of consumer behavior.

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dear its not about natural pollution, its also about now day people's mental behaviour diseases

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Human psychology is like an extensive topic. An individual alone cannot change things on a global level, but he can certainly influence people from his environment through his behavior.

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I don't know why but I find psychology difficult to understand

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