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1 month ago

What is endurance? How do we endure? How long should we endure?

By God's grace, I was able to deliver my children via normal delivery. During each labor before the breakthrough, I thought about how intense the pain was.

Fortunately, I had a good spiritual and moral support. They taught us to be strong and resilient.

But honestly during the first time, I really didn't expect the pain to be that intense. My eldest sister remarked that I would feel more pain when the baby is just about to come through. Little did we know that I was already fully dilated that time. Good thing we arrived at the hospital very timely. I delivered immediately. What a relief.

Now I like to talk about enduring the challenges of education. At the very moment, I am here at school waiting for my enrollment completion and while waiting, I am writing.

I am still feeling apprehensive. I've been whom you could call an 'adviser' to lost students back then. Adviser in the sense that I was always on the positive side in encouraging them to never give up on their studies no matter what.

Now I come to a point where I needed all those good sweet things I've been pouring out. Well!

I want to tell myself that:

  • can endure. Just persevere.

  • ...go lang nang go. Never give up.

  • ...just pass requirements. Try your best to understand and synthesize lessons.

  • ...ask for considerations from teachers if needs be.

  • Endure!!!

Again, easier said than done. But we can do it! To all those like me, who are struggling to finally finish grad studs, let's do this! We can endure till the finish line.

I hope it will not be too much if I try to synthesize here on this platform. To make it more interesting and enjoyable at the same time profitable, I plan to write my understandings here regarding lessons that we are to take.

By the way, classes will be done online so habang online, take advantage, ika nga ni principal namin.

So yes, we will endure.

Think of those times you tried hard till the end... The fruit is a trophy that we could enjoy. Therefore, giving up and dropping should now be out of the equation.

On another note, I wish to apologize to my dear parents for my previous misgivings during my studies before. They provided for me but seems, I was not able to finish back them. At the same time thanks guys for being there always.

This will be a reminder that I have an accountability and responsibility to fulfill. I should also be glad that they offered scholarship and I am taking advantage of it. I'm very thankful.

Once again, to everyone who is going through dilemmas, kaya nating magdecide. Enroll na habang online. Kaya natin to!!!

Thanks everyone for reading.

Thank you @MizLhaine for the sponsorship. God bless you.

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Written by   23
1 month ago
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you are fully capable of motivating your own, it's one of the best things you can do for yourself too

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1 month ago

Thanks for the thought, Hanzell. Appreciate it. Indeed!

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1 month ago

Indeed endurance is a vital tool to have, many things don't go as plan, yet we should keep pushing and full of hope.

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1 month ago

Yes! Full of hope! Thank you!

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1 month ago