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Be Expectant...

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1 month ago

How should one be expectant? Is this dictated? Or learned? Or dependent on what is to be expected?

I am writing just before a conference that I will be attending. And yes, I am using my mobile phone. I usually use the laptop to write but now I am using this.

I am, at the call of the moment, writing. This is not supposed to be included in our preparation for the conference but I did just the same.

So how should one be expectant.

Personally, I say that being expectant is not dictated by others. It is dependent on the person whether he is expextant or not.

Usually, one is expectant if he is excited for something. Say, in this conference, I am very much excited to know what's in store for me. So I am very expectant. I would like to know how they're going to push with the activity.

I prepared my notebook and pen and of course myself.

This was supposed to be published yesterday but I was not able to. Let me just publish it today para di sayang pagtype ko kahapon.

Hehehe. Thanks for reading.

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This article is short but contains alot of details. I will be expecting your next article. ✨✨

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1 month ago