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1) Make a list of business areas for yourself, taking into account the vocational training you have received or are receiving, and other supporting education and work experiences.

2) For your dream career; what areas need improvement - what areas need mastery? Make a list (it would be more accurate to consider it in terms of professional, personal development, social communication)

3) Divide the next 5 years into years .5. Every year, starting from now, in a way that will reach your goal in the next year.

Create your target one by one.


a) At the end of 1 year, I will either switch to a company that supports my career, or I will find a job, or I will come to the following position at my current workplace…

b) Write down the trainings you will receive and the experiences and experiences you intend to acquire, together with their dates. The trainings you will receive may be through courses-seminars, reading books on the subject or following publications.

c) If you are aiming to find a new job, it can be researched which business lines and institutions can be.

Each action should be written individually with the targeted date.

4) Determine each year until the end of 5 years. For the first 2 years, the dates should be clear. But other years can be determined as the subject title and approximate dates.

5) While planning, review your resources such as financial, time, and labor. Check if it is needed and whether it requires additional measures. For example; Will financial support be needed?, how much? Should I spare time and effort?

So far in our career journey article series,

The importance of career planning

to know ourselves

Defining our career and setting goals

- Planning our career

We covered the topics. Our topic in this section is to take action according to our career plan. It is what we pay attention to when taking action.

1) To be determined as the studies and actions to be carried out together with the dates of the first 2 years in the previous section.

I have written. Now it is the crux of the job to review and do the preparations, priority issues, and actions required for each action.

For example, let's say you plan to study a foreign language; You have attended the course for 3 months. If you realize that at the end of 3 months, it will be more important for you to study a foreign language in the vocational field, you may lose both money and time. In order to make the right decision;

· At what level will you start?, Do you need professional or technical English? Or my speaking practice?

· Investigation of foreign language education institutions and fees

· How close should the course be to your home or workplace?

· How will you pay the fee?

Researching and deciding on such issues are important steps that will make the planned action more efficient and effective.

Similar studies should be carried out for each action. It will be better if these studies are included in the plan at the planning stage.

2) One of the issues that we need to be most careful while taking action; Our career plan is based on our mission, vision and values ​​in life. We need to set an image for ourselves that is the harmony of our Mission-Vision and values. In line with the image we have determined, changes may be required in our behavior style, habits, body language, way of speaking, and dressing style.

3) The difficulties encountered during the action phase may bring you to the point of giving up. In this case, we should not give up immediately, envisioning our dream career frequently will increase our motivation.

4) Reviewing the progress and development or the process on a monthly or quarterly basis will both motivate you and give you the opportunity to complete the missing aspects.

5) Revisions can be made in the plans in line with the emergence of new options, opportunities or steps that lose their importance during the actions.

6) Reading success stories or learning about the life stories and struggles of successful people will again increase motivation.

Another important issue in career planning and management is that our private life, social life and business life are a whole and we should know that balance is important in the long run.

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Written by   16
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