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Difference Between Intelligence and Intellect

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What are the Differences Between Mind and Intelligence?

We examined the mind and intelligence in detail, in the differences between the ranks. So what are these differences?

Thanks to the human mind, he can decide, think and manage himself; Intelligent people, on the other hand, manage their environment and time along with themselves.

According to sources, we see that intelligence develops until the 20s and then remains stable. It starts to decrease with age. The mind is not like that, it is always open to development until death. In fact, it is always said that we get smarter with age, this part is open to discussion.

Today, we can measure intelligence with various tests, but it is thought that the mind cannot be measured.

The mind has an ethical dimension, if we start from being able to distinguish right from wrong, it will be easier to understand what we mean. For example, a smart person does not copy from an existing thesis while preparing his thesis, he knows that he will be caught, and what he does is not ethical. Intelligence is more neutral, it has no ethical dimension.

Intelligence can produce some creative solutions, while the mind uses it in the appropriate place.

Intelligence is personal, you cannot borrow from someone else, but you can consult someone else.

What is Mind?

Do we know what the mind is, over which we make statements, make judgments, and make excuses in daily life, such as "Don't you have a mind of your own", "I can't make sense of these things", "I'm out of my mind"? Let's start by looking at the sentences we gave examples.


In the part of "his own mind" mentioned in the first sentence, his own thought, his ability to evaluate right and wrong, is questioned. If we take a look at our second sentence, "not being able to make up one's mind", what he means by that is not being able to understand or comprehend. In our third sentence, the mind is used as memory. Mind is of course too broad a concept to be limited to these three examples. Let's lay the foundation first so that we can grasp it more easily as we put it on top of it.


To distinguish between true and false, truth and falsehood. Thanks to our mind, we can do this. For example, sometimes we want something very much, but we know that it is unreasonable to do or get it and we hold ourselves back. Here, it is the mind that can say stop to us and evaluate the event in many ways. And again, the mind enables us to think about the consequences of these behaviors we have decided and take responsibility.


So what else can our minds do? Evaluates opportunities. Thanks to our mind, we can turn the events and chances in our favor and create opportunities from them. It is the source of our ability to express opinions. In this way, we can approach the events from our own perspective, get an idea and express it.

Mind or Intelligence?

Of course, this question is not a question of preference, I'm sure everyone prefers both rather than one. The question that haunts us here is which one is more attractive to you? Intelligence is usually more interesting to people. A clever person's speech, his suggestions, practical solutions or ready-made answers. Of course, there is also the creativity dimension, we see intelligence one step ahead here as well.


So what do we think about the bad reflections of intelligence on personality? There is also the fact of abuse of intelligence. What's bad here and who decides that? Mind. Sometimes people resort to ways to get out of this business instead of taking responsibility for their mistakes. Intelligent people do this easily, while others are not so lucky. Intelligence leads some to selfishness and overshadows common sense. The mind, on the other hand, signals, 'I am here'. If we do not suppress it and listen to it, we realize the conscientiousness of the work and we can move in the right direction. For such reasons, some of us think, 'I prefer reason over such selfish intelligence'.


What is thought about the existence of intelligence without intelligence or the existence of intelligence without intelligence? We said that the mind is a skill that everyone has except a health problem. As for the part of how intelligence can be without intelligence, the example is very simple: animals. Animals have certain intelligence levels. For example, the behavior of a chimpanzee sometimes makes the headlines and we are surprised when we watch it.


Going back to the human dimension, I would like to continue with an example that I encountered. I came across a phenomenon that could not use his mental faculties very well, but observed that when I gave him an object of interest, it worked wonders, and I was amazed. Yes, he may not be able to evaluate the accuracy of something in a healthy way, but he can do practical things with his intelligence and creativity and produce a tangible product.

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Written by   16
4 months ago
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