Communication in Business

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Communication; It is one of the indispensable requirements for the continuation of the life cycle among living things. It is possible to talk about the existence of a form of communication that ensures order not only between humans but also among other living things. So what is communication? It is a question that has a simple answer but has a powerful effect on life. In addition to the known forms such as oral and written, there are also symbolic forms that vary from culture to culture. Body language, eye contact, chosen words are important factors in faceless communication. Communication skill, which is very important in daily life, manifests itself as workplace productivity in business life. Communication skills are very valuable not only for people-oriented departments such as marketing, purchasing, public relations or human resources, but also for other sectors.

Communication, which started as an instinctive behavior in humans in the early ages, enabled to interact with large masses in writing with Gutenberg's invention of the printing press in the 15th century. Clear expressions are very important in written communication as well as in verbal communication. Communication types such as short and clear e-mails and social media correspondence prevent possible communication accidents, as they will convey the message to the other party in a way that does not allow comments. Communication is the main instrument of building a strong bridge between people for whatever purpose, and although it may seem easy, it passes through different filters such as minds, paradigms, prejudices and knowledge in different human masses. Studies say that the same message is interpreted differently by different people. The use of written communication method in addition to verbal communication in working environments is also important for keeping written records. In addition to correspondence with a legal dimension, e-mails and notifications containing a commitment also impose mutual responsibilities on individuals and institutions in business life.

Communication Methods in Business Life

With the changing world, techniques have emerged that make communication more practical in business life. In the business world where time is very precious and productivity is an important performance criterion, communicating in the shortest way and in the most accurate way contributes to business and corporate efficiency. For this reason, businesses and institutions receive training that will benefit their employees about effective communication methods in business life. In addition to improving the communication between the employee and the manager, feedback trainings in the workplace also provide valuable data to see the problems that arise in the working system and the areas that can be improved and to take the necessary actions.

Communication is also the exchange of feelings and thoughts between people. It is not a one-sided process in both daily life and business life. In addition to being a cyclical process with multiple buyers, it is also a value-creating/generating cycle. The language, words and body language used during both written and oral communication give messages to the other party in which the word, body language and tone of voice are coordinated together. When people hear something from their own lives, the communication bridge is also easier to establish. Particularly, the parties who use storytelling technique in presentations and bilateral dialogues manage to communicate effectively. The ability of the message to touch the emotion of the listener is important for the beginning and continuation of the listening action.

Making short and clear sentences both while writing and speaking,

Using sincere and clear expressions,

Using professional courtesy language,

Listening or reading without prejudice and for understanding,

Fluent speaking and writing style

Giving memorable and effective listening examples.

Why is Communication Important in Business Life?

Communication begins for humans as soon as they are born. Babies use crying, their only means of communication, to express their wishes. The baby, whose needs are satisfied every time he cries, uses this technique as a communication tool. When he starts to speak, he learns different communication methods over time, while describing himself with limited words. In business life, communication proceeds a little more hierarchically. While this was much more formal in the past, today it is much more direct when talking about technological developments, education system, generation gap. In particular, the change in hierarchical structures, the vertical organization structure being replaced by horizontal organization and matrix structures brought people from all levels to interact directly with each other. Although the new system caused different communication accidents at first, it is indisputable that it creates an environment that facilitates the understanding of different generations and employees in different positions.

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