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Happy woman Happy family

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3 months ago
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Women are the foundation of the family. A happy woman means a happy home.

If the mother is happy, she will raise happy children.

If the woman is happy, she is the joy of her home.

make you feel valued

'Every woman is valuable', but it is not enough to express this, you have to prove this thought with your actions.

In fact, making women happy is not as difficult as it seems, and it is not difficult to buy expensive gifts as many people think.

Women are fed with love and attention. Every man who is aware of this knows very well how to make a woman happy with the gifts he receives and his behavior.

Making a woman happy means your happiness too. Because if a woman is happy, she makes the other person happier than herself. The value, interest, trust, loyalty you give to women is like this in every subject.

We ask many people we meet during the day, how are you, but unfortunately, most of them are routine questions like they are automatic. Ask her how she really is, how she feels, by looking her in the eye and asking sincerely. Let her share with you what she does during the day. Listen carefully to her.

One-tenth of the attention shown during the dating period is not shown after marriage. In this case, the woman is colder than the man. The pleasure of love is lost. Always make women feel that you are interested in them. Respect her choices and include her in your plans.

Do not miss important days and buy gifts for her on these days. Make her feel that you think of her, that you value her, that she has a very special place in your life. Women like men who take care of them. Their unhappiness is usually due to the fact that their men do not take care of them.

Just as a flower needs water, don't forget that a woman needs love in order to live. Taking care of a woman is not texting her every minute, saying where are you every 5 minutes and questioning her.

To care about her ideas, to respect her choices, to look for opportunities to spend time with her, to ask her about her condition and well-being, to deal with her troubles, to question and solve the reason if she is upset means to take care of the woman.

Measure your words, actions, actions, and attitudes. Put yourself in the other person's shoes and try to understand them. When you have a problem, do not ignore the wishes and desires of the other party.

Try to look at things from her perspective. Do not live life selfishly by always saying that you will do what I say. Respect the other party's feelings, thoughts and choices. Do not pressure the other party. Do not accept it as it is and try to change it. Know how to apologize when you're wrong.

Trust is an emotion that should be at the foundation of every relationship. Once trust is broken, it is not easily regained. This is a very important issue that goes without saying.

In the face of the endless trust and loyalty between the two parties in a relationship, a woman's unhappiness is out of question. Loyalty is the most important thing for a woman. So avoid trust-shattering actions and always try to be honest. Honesty will ultimately win you over.

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Written by   8
3 months ago
Topics: Live, Relationship, Dream, Nature, Feeling, ...
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