Mindfulness and its exercises

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We all head of our read about mindfulness meditation you might be curious about how to practice it.

What is this?

Mindfulness is second name for meditation and it is a type of meditation in which you focus on being intensively aware of what you are sensing and feeling in the moment without interpretation or judgement. There are different of ways to practice mindfulness and it is very helpful for our Internal situation. We all are facing now a days such a situation that we never had ever but we are going through different phases and observing new things in our life we sometimes remain reluctant to change and day day we are becoming busy. We have zero physical activities because now we all become addicted to mobile. We should have time for ourself.

We have many problems with us like we spend too much time in planning we have a problem of overthinking our random thoughts can be draining. Also we have depression we have symptoms of stress and anxiety so by practicing mindfulness exercises one can easily feel good .

Benefits :-

In many clinical trials meditation has been studied. Meditation help us to tackle with different situation and it is effective for:

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Pain

  • Depression

  • Insomnia

  • High blood pressure

Meditation can help us to experience thoughts and emotions of greater balance and acceptance meditation also has been shown to:

  • Improve attention

  • Decrease job burnout

  • Improve our sleep and routine

  • It controls the level of diseases.

Exercises :-

There are many simple ways to practice mindfulness. Some examples are below you should surely try them.

Pay attention:

We are living in a busy world so nowadays we don't have time to experience the little things we are just focused to world our main goals but the environment which is around you we should pay attention to that environment because that environment is bringing up we should notice the little things with all our senses touch,sight, sound,smell and taste for example when you are eating your favorite food we should experience it.

Live in moment :

We should find joy in simple things and we should be in the moment.

Accept yourself :

We should treat ourselves in the way we should treat our friend and we should love yourself. But there is a line in between selfishness and loving yourself so we should not cross that line because selfish people are those people who just care about themselves and they do not know anything about their environment they just want everything only for them but on other side, the people who love themselves are the one who also love themselves but they have concerns about others.

Focus on your breathing :

Sometimes we have negative thoughts in our mind so I have a better treatment for you that we should sit down take a deep breath and close our eyes focus on our breathing as it moves in and out of your body sitting and breathing for even just a minute can help us.

Sitting meditation:

Sitting meditation is a type of meditation in which you sit comfortably with your back straight feet flat on the floor and hands in your lap. When you try this meditation for just one time you will love it and the you really want that no one interrupt you. Is you also have to focus on your bleeding movement in and out of your body if physical sensations or thoughts interrupt your meditation note the experience then return your focus to your breath.

Walking meditation

Sorry vacuum meditation you have to find a quiet place where you can walk silently without any interruption you just have to start working and you have to experience all the things it is not a speedy walk you should walk slowly and you should focus on your walk it is only for the purpose of getting relief from anxiety and from stress.

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I love to meditate, I am so happy and I am so happy when I meditate, I feel that it is like a medicine and now that I read all the benefits thanks to you I feel better.

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1 year ago

It is no doubt a good thing to do we should practice this for staying away from anxiety and stress

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1 year ago

It is very informative article I really appreciate your effort for bringing all this knowledge to us

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1 year ago