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Today is independence of Pakistan and everyone is celebrating this occasion. Today my article is all about Pakistan interesting facts.

K2 Mountain:-

Pakistan is home to the second highest mountain K2 3rd highest Tirich Mir and the three highest mountain ranges in the world. There are so many beautiful natural places in pakistan i love to share about those sites which attracts your heart and you cannot keep yourself away from those sites .

Gwadar sea port:-

Gwadar is situated in Pakistan it is world largest deep sea port.

World's highest paved road 🛣️:

Worlds highest paved road, the eight wonder of the world is in Pakistan the work on this motorway is still going on.

Edhi's Foundation:-

Edhi was the person in pakistan who is real hero who has served his life for people who runs the world's largest volunteer ambulance 🚑 service .

Footballs :-

Sialkot is a city in Pakistan which produces over half the world's footballs making the country world's largest producer of hand sewed footballs . The official footballs in the last two FIFA World Cups were made in Pakistan .

Largest irrigation system:-

Pakistan has the fourth largest irrigation system in the world. The irrigation system of pakistan is serving 14.4 million hectares of cultivated land.

Largest salt mine

World's largest salt mine on second number are located in Pakistan the world famous pink Himalayan salt is also mined in Pakistan.

Highest polo ground

In Pakistan there is highest Polo ground in whole world.

Jahangir khan

From 1981 to 1986 Jahangir Khan of Pakistan was unbeaten and during that time he won 555 conjunctive matches the longest winning Street by any athlete in top level professional sport.

President and prime minister

I think this is the most interesting fact about Pakistan is that the President of Pakistan who is doctor Arif Alvi is the second ever dentist who has became a President while the prime Minister Imran Khan is the first cricketer of the world to become a prime minister.

Indus valley civilization

The word oldest and largest Civilization Indus valley Civilization flourished in the region that is today Pakistan

Earth filled dam

Dam of Pakistan ( Tarbela) is the largest Earth filled dam in the world and also the largest dam by structural volume.


Samina Baig is a mountaineer , she is a pakistani high altitude mountaineer become the first and youngest Muslim woman to climb Mount Everest (2013) and all the seven summits (2014) having done so at the age of twenty one. A documentary film " beyond the heights" was made on her .

Oscar Award

Sharmeen obaid Chinoy is Pakistani film maker and activist who is the recipient of Two Oscars , six Emmy Awards and knight international award.

These are just few about which i have written there are so many interesting facts about pakistan if you love it then i will try to write more about it previously i have written about Maldives and i have provided plenty of information about it if this would be successful then i will keep this series and i will try to write more about it.

Independence day:-

Today is independence day of pakistan and on this occasion of happiness google has changed its doodle. It is 75th anniversary of pakistan. I wish all of the pakistanis a warm wish from my side. I hope that we all ace in every field of life and we can make pakistan feel proud. Respect for everyone should be heart ❤️ because it matters a lot and it gives a good impression about your life.

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Great, all the best for you and your country.

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1 year ago

Happy Independence Day to Pakistan I know I am late but I have celebrated this occasion I am very happy and excited to talk about it I also have written a blog

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1 year ago

Happy Independence Day to your country my friend, thank you for sharing some facts about your country. Take care and be safe always my friend.

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1 year ago

Now I learned something new from your article my friend. Thank you for this. Wishing you all the best Pakistan people and to your country my friend.

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1 year ago

My best wishes are with all the Pakistanis I hope that Pakistan make progress by leaps and bounds

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1 year ago