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You will never be broken

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4 months ago

In this broken world you may have lost again and again, sometimes you have faced a difficult reality, sometimes you have suffered a lot from your closest person's.

Don't think that this world has lost you, this world has taught you to hold the helm with a strong hand in the difficult times of life And hard reality may destroy emotions, but reality helps to be happy in life. Trouble never makes people lonely, but it helps people to be great, and shows the way to light.

Losing in life are those who have never taken part in the game of building a broken life, who have never stood on the wood of reality, and have not learned to walk the path with difficulty.

Life is a colorful stage, there will be drama and acting, so you will never be broken, you have to live like yourself, you have to win the battle of life.

Thanks @Dreamer for always support me ane encourage me.

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4 months ago