Effective Ways to Get Rid of Sleepiness in the Morning Apart from Drinking Coffee

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Feeling sleepy in the morning is very difficult to avoid. Especially for those of you who just fell asleep at dawn due to staying up late doing assignments or other work that must be completed immediately. Not to mention you have to get up to eat breakfast. As a result, drowsiness will attack you in the morning when you are already in the office even though the office work is piling up.

Maybe some people will go to the pantry for coffee to help relieve sleepiness. But for those of you who are not strong with coffee because you have a history of certain diseases, you can eliminate your drowsiness in the following ways.

1. Force your feet to walk around indoors

"If you don't force it, you will continue to sleep."

Sometimes we have to use force to get rid of sleepiness that comes suddenly. One way to get rid of it is to force the body and legs to get up from the chair and walk around the room for ten minutes.

According to Robert Thayer, PhD., professor from the University of California said that walking for ten minutes can make the body awake and excited. Even a ten minute walk can help boost energy for two hours

2. Small talk with work friends

"Don't talk about the Indonesian economy, it's heavy~"

So that you don't get sleepy, try having a light chat with your office colleagues. Talking lightly in the morning can help the brain to return to work optimally and drowsiness will also disappear. But remember, don't chat too long because you still have work to do.

3. Open a window near your desk

A dim room will make you sleepy. Therefore, open the windows of your room so that sunlight can enter. A bright room will help relieve your sleepiness.

4. Take deep breaths so that the drowsiness goes away

"Inhale, then exhale. Do it repeatedly until your drowsiness disappears."

By inhaling deeply, will increase the amount of oxygen that enters the brain. This makes your sleepiness go away.

5. Go to the kitchen and grab a healthy snack

"Don't take junk food, try to take fruits, yogurt, or peanut butter butter~"

It could be, your drowsiness is caused by low sugar levels in the blood. For that, you need to increase it by eating healthy snacks in the form of fruits, yogurt, and so on. Make sure to take it in sufficient portions, don't overdo it because it will make you sleepier.

6. If the previous method still makes you feel sleepy again, try to go to the bathroom and wash your face with water

"Fresh sensation from cold water makes your eyes literate~"

The last thing you can do if you feel drowsy is to wash your face with water. The cold and fresh sensation makes you more fresh and excited.

If you are lazy to go to the bathroom, you can also spray water mist or rose water to make your face fresh and literate.

Effective Ways to Get Rid of Sleepiness in the Morning Apart from Drinking Coffee For those of you who are not strong in coffee, these six methods are quite effective for eliminating your drowsiness. If drowsiness strikes, immediately do the methods above, OK~

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Some of the the steps are effective to me, I usually walk around my room then wash my face

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1 year ago

I also think it's an effective step

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