The Art of Accepting Flaws & Faults

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We are human being full of flaws and faults on the other hand we are blessed with talents and passions. Some of us has more talents and some of us has less talents, the best thing is We all have something hidden within us.

As we all have flaws so it is pretty normal and simple to make mistakes too. We can't deny this fact that We all made some mistakes in our past which we can't change or erase and at the same time, we are continuously making mistakes each and every single day which we can change, reduce and control.

If we continue to regrets for our past , for our mistakes then we will never be able to become a successful, happy and peaceful person.

Here are some points which you can follow if you want____

If you want to become a successful person mentally, physically, financially, emotionally, then you have to accept your flaws. If you want to experience every joy which your life is giving you every moment then you have to learn this art.

How do we learn this?? Well____. Let me shed some lights on this topic__

  • Learn to Accept your flaws and drawbacks:—

    The first step to being happy is to accept everything. You're the one who made or making mistakes so of course you and only you should accept your deeds. Every single human being makes mistakes so it is better to admit our errors before pointing someone else for the same reason.

    Remember if you can't accept your own flaws, shortcomings then Why others will accept your mistakes?? Think about it at least once.

    Accept your flaws

    Accept your own self. Accept your own mistakes. Accept your own faults so that you can accept others for the exact thing.

    Accept your drawbacks,sins, you cannot hide from Almighty. So then, are you trying to hide from mortal people??? Please don't do this, no matter how hard you try they all will come to know about your drawbacks someday and then you will receive nothing but pains, hatred, longings, dissatisfaction, discontentment so instead of trying to hide it , accept and try to change it.


    Sometimes it's totally okay to make mistakes remember you're still learning and growing. If you made some errors then it doesn't define you as a weak person or you are unable to perform or achieve anything.

    You can't change your past you can't change your blunders , errors which you made once. So stop regretting and complaining for once.

    By regretting, worrying, thinking, recalling those mistakes again and again like a loop,,, you're doing nothing but ____ You're ruining yourself. You're ruining your present. You're ruining your future. You're ruining your current relationships. You're losing your dear and near ones.

    Stop ruining and losing your precious and rarest things just by counting your past flaws and errors.

    We all have some shortcomings, no one is perfect on the other hand we all are perfect in this imperfect world. We all are beautiful and talented in our own way.

    You can't judge a bird's talent by the ability of swimming. You can't judge a tiger's talent by the ability of flying. You can't judge s fish's talent by the ability of climbing a tree.

    They all have talents but each and everyone has different talents so we can't call or tag them talentless.

    We can't negate that all of us do not have equal talent and passion but our Almighty,our Creator always give us a golden opportunity to develop our talents.


No matter what happens, what the situation is please appreciate yourself. Please appreciate what you're doing right now.

If you can't appreciate yourself, your own work then there is no one who will even think of appreciating yourself, your works. Your past , your mistakes have made you what you're now.

A person who feels appreciated by someone always can do more thing than anyone even she/he can expect, So be that "SOMEONE" and do not wait for others to appreciate you. You're enough and you are capable of doing everything.

Take a moment to appreciate the woman or man you have become. You have worked hard. You gave up lots of things, your happiness, your cozy bed, your chilly and funny moments. You have spent endless sleepless nights just to get here.

Give yourself a big hug, give yourself some worthy and precious words of complements. Because you're still fighting like a fearless warrior. Because you're still standing on your own feet after going through lots of things. Because you're still struggling for your dreams and desires. Because you're still surviving to live.

The moment when you start focusing and believing on yourself, you will solve all the mazes and the puzzles, you're experiencing now.

So believe on yourself. Do your hard work. Give your best. Accept your flaws. Learn from your mistakes.

Remember, You're great. You're worthy of love.

Closing Thoughts :—

I hope you enjoyed this :) ,am hopeful about it.

Thank you soo much everyone. A special thanks to my daily supporters, readers, commentators, upvoters, sponsors and Rusty too.

How was your day? I hope you had a great day and you all are having a good day. Have great, blessed and peaceful night.


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We should always appreciate ourselves as nobody will do it for us, by loving our self surely we will be loving our own flaws and drawbacks too.

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1 year ago

Self-love at first, if we know how to love ourselves then we are not going to burden ourself with the sadness of the past. Yes it's hard, but the choice is in our hand.

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1 year ago

Thank you for your kind reminders Evaa. We do need to make peace with our past and appreciate ourselves more.

$ 0.01
1 year ago

Nice one, we could only offer our love to others based on the kind of love that we have for ourselves. So let us make peace with our past and move on.

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1 year ago

If we have no love for our own selves then we can't love others. If we can't make harmony with our past then we can't make our present and future beautiful

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1 year ago


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1 year ago

You said it very well, my dear friend. Unfortunately, when people do something wrong, they run away from admitting their mistake, and they want to blame it on someone else. There are also some mistakes that make us feel bad by reminding them. We need to know that everyone is capable of making mistakes, and making mistakes is necessary to achieve perfection...

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1 year ago

We should not run from our mistakes because these are the things which gives us lots of experience, lots of knowledge. We need to admit then and learn from them

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1 year ago

Nobody's perfect as like the title of Jessie J's song. What matter is how we accept our imperfection.

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1 year ago

No matter how hard we try we can't make everything fine and perfect so it is better to accept everything and learn from them.

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1 year ago

That's very true!

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1 year ago