I am new here.

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4 months ago
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Hello everyone.

I am new here. I don't know much like how this platform works or about rules of this platform but I read basic rules before starting my work here so i hope everyone here can help me if there is anything important i should know or if i do something wrong.

I really wanted to work on a platform like this because there were things i couldn't tell anyone so i wanted to share them here, there were things I wanted to talk about or share with anyone while I had no one to talk to or maybe I didn't wanted to tell anyone who know me because of various reasons like I didn't wanted to bother them with my problems, didn't wanted them to know so much about my life or what I am going through because It's hard for me to talk about it or ask for help and because there was no one I could talk to when needed someone so I though maybe it would be better to talk about it anonymously.

I am sorry for my bad english or off topic talks but I want to free write here about whatever is in my mind. I hope no one mind it here and some people like me can interact with me.

Also if anyone need to talk to someone, I am always here. You can talk to me anonymously too. I would love to give my fake insta account where you can talk to me if you are having a hard time, you want to share anything good or bad or need someone by making a fake account or with your account, anything you want if you need but I need someone to tell me if i can share it here or not?

Image made by me.

Thanks for reading.

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Welcome to the platform, I hope you can find your place here.

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4 months ago

Thank you so much. I hope so too😊

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4 months ago