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6 months ago

Childhood: a milestone of life with playing moments, the study takes place and a life in full dependency with parents.

Childhood supposed to be one of the best moments, fill with laughter and happiness. Whatever our expectations might be, it always different for every each of us. Every each of us has a different story to tell.

Here are my two cents: because children still growing, basically they need support from parents/family. Children need guidance, their emotions are much more stable with guidance. It allowed them to learn how to sort their feelings better. It adds to their confidence too. However, there are saying that people matured with experiences and not with ages. This means, it just our choice to see how we want it to be. It will be a part of life that moulding us into what we will become someday. However, can't be denied that some circumstance can't be avoided.

Not everyone has beautiful moments, some may struggle with family's issues in where suppress life to the ground. Another story content with luck and blessings.

Mine got both. But more struggles with financial and parental issues. I got myself a good circle of friends. I played with friends like our family didn't have any. I saw those finances struggling thus I study hard, just to dream of a better life ahead. Even though I lacked stationary to school, but I still love to go to school, I am eager to go to school to study.

I am good at study, always excelled in class. My friends admired me because of my academic, I got my school attention too due to it. Nobody knows despite the glow, I kept quite a struggles behind.

No matter how hard those days back then, I kept what makes me smile today, but of course, I will never forget the hardships. Both gave me a wonderful day, I treasured them my whole life.

That how I chose what I want it to be.

Today, I succeed to achieve what I need, it allowed me to provide my parents and myself way better. Plus, I still can share my fortune with those who can't afford it. I am blessed.

My childhood had taught me a lot, I choose to make it my stepping stone for the future. Some people may not able to think the same, some lost in thought that drowned them in depression.

I prayed all of us had the courage and strength to get through it. I hope, as parents and also as a society, we will learn to guide and provide what best for our children better. God blessed.

Thank you for reading. Regards.

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Written by   8
6 months ago
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