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Have We Discovered the Life Source of the Universe?

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2 months ago

Mankind has tried to unravel the mysteries of the universe since the distant past. It can be said that some genius scientists in the recent past, even if they could not solve the secret of the universe, broke new ground with their studies on this subject. Could electricity be the life source of our universe?

Power of The Universe

Yes, our topic is electricity. Electricity that changed the flow of life with its discovery. I think it would not be an exaggeration to say that life has changed incredibly with the discoveries made by important scientists such as Tesla and Faraday.

Especially after Fraday invented the dynamo, electricity began to be used in many areas to make our daily life easier. Since the invention of the dynamo, of course, many different uses have arisen.

So, how do we connect with electricity in daily life, both in technology and in nature?

For example, what is the place of electricity in the working logic of the copier, which is a technological device used in many places?

The metal plates on the photocopiers are loaded with a positive (+) charge to coincide with the text parts of the document to be copied. Negative (-) charged toner adheres to positively charged portions of the metal plate. The image formed on the plate is transferred to the paper. This creates a copy of the original paper. This method is also applied in laser printers that allow the texts on the computer screen to be transferred to paper.

The same method is used in the filter systems developed in order to prevent the air pollution of the factories engaged in industrial production. During the factory production, waste gases that are harmful to the nature occur. These gases contain dust. These powders are provided with a negative charge. Dust is attracted by the positively charged brushes that surround the chimney. Thus, dust is prevented from mixing into the air.

We know that every person's fingerprint is different

Thanks to this information, the police manage to catch many criminals. So, how is fingerprint detection done?

The part of the finger that touches the surface of an object leaves a mark on that surface. To detect these traces, a dark, positively charged powder is transferred to a metal plate. These powders adhere to the folds of the fingerprint as the metal plate is swept over the surface where the fingerprint is being searched. In this way, fingerprints can be detected.

Clouds move through the atmosphere under the influence of the wind

In the meantime, it becomes electrically charged by rubbing with both themselves and the molecules in the air. The cloud that gains electrons during friction becomes negatively (-) and the cloud that loses electrons becomes positively (+) charged. As the clouds approach each other, electric charge flows between them. This phenomenon is called lightning. When electrically charged clouds get too close to the earth, there is a flow of electric charge from the earth to the clouds and sometimes from the clouds to the earth. This phenomenon is also called lightning. In the lightning event, the flow of electric charge takes place between the electrically charged clouds and the closest points of the earth to the clouds.


As you can see, electricity acts as it knows in nature and we humans use it for our own purposes. This is something miraculous for me. That is, there is electricity.

So why is there an infinite source of energy that is there by itself, waiting for us to pull it out?

We may have discovered electricity. We may even have found a way to retrieve it, store it, and use it in our different jobs. However, we haven't been able to find out why it's still there and what it really is. If one day we can solve the secret of this energy source, I think we will understand the universe better.

Thank you for reading. What do you think about this?


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Written by   154
2 months ago
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As far as I know, even the human body has a small amount of electricity. But our body is so complex that we can do so much work with even a small amount of electricity.

In fact, the main thing is energy. Tesla's experiments on generating free energy came to my mind. So how can we convert this infinite energy into electricity?

Maybe it's easier to generate electricity than using coal and natural gas or atomic energy. In order to better understand the transformation of energy, it may be possible to better examine photosynthesis in plants. Even solar panels generate electricity. Maybe if we understand photosynthesis well, we can find a way to produce energy cheaply or at no cost in cars, airplanes and other vehicles.

I don't know, maybe the answer is right in front of our eyes. Maybe we already have that knowledge and technology.

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2 months ago

I think the answer is in there somewhere. The way to obtain energy without wearing down our world may be hidden in the electrical potential of nature.

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2 months ago

Electricity is an essential part of the technological development of a lot of advancements, most of the things being invented are being powered by electricity

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2 months ago

Yes, it actually seems like there's electricity to start it all. The discovery of electricity has accelerated us in technological development.

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2 months ago