Capitalism and Communism are Brothers #1

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A politician whom I loved very much would claim that capitalism and communism are brothers. Now I understand better why he said that.

This man is no longer alive. He died almost 10 years ago. To me, he was the world's greatest revolutionary. If I say revolution, I am not talking about the socialist revolution. You will understand better why I said that to him, when you read what I wrote.

As I followed the agenda, tried to understand the world and thought long and hard about what I was researching, I understood why capitalism and communism were brothers.

First, let's go back a bit and take a look at how these two concepts came to be.

Capitalism can be said to be as old as human history. However, I think the first steps were taken towards the end of the 1500s for it to turn into a systematic economic exploitation.

What happened at that time?

After the discovery of the Cape of Good Hope, the British captain Drake sailed east and carried eastern goods such as silk and spices to the west, revealing trade opportunities.

Seeing the existing commercial potential, wealthy families founded the British East India Company and the suffering of the people of the world, which has continued until today, began. Of course, at that time, people were not yet aware of what dimensions capitalism could reach.

The Cape of Good Hope has always been known, but the sea currents there were very rough and strong enough ships had not been built yet. Thanks to the durable and large ships built later, harsh sea conditions were coped with and ocean travel became possible.

Well, I would like to point out for those who are wondering why they haven't done this by land before, first of all, land transportation takes a very long time. In addition, you will have to pay taxes as you will have to pass through territory controlled by other states, and your business profits will drop considerably. The sea route is both shorter and you don't have to pay taxes to other countries.

In short, this is how the capitalist system was born. With the establishment of the British East India Company. In fact, this topic is covered in an episode of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. In other words, it somehow emphasizes that the authority of this company is above the governments. Today, the situation is not much different. Governments are under pressure from giant corporations, and even some heads of government and politicians can be said to be in control of these corporations.

At that time, this company had made a great fortune by exporting opium to China and India. Just to protect the interests of this company, that is, to continue the opium trade, a war broke out between England and China, known as the "Opium War" in history, and England won this war thanks to its advanced warships. This victory made it easier for the company to sell opium to China. In fact, the 50-year transfer of Hong Kong rule to Britain is part of the war reparations paid by China. Even though England won this war, the real winners were the company owners. The owners of the company, which made big money from drug sales, laid the foundations of today's capitalist order. Even today, there are those who claim that the world's giants are operating in the drug trade.

The annual revenue from the opium market is claimed to be 10 times the annual revenue of the world's largest companies.

Do you think big companies that want to dominate the world economy leave such big money to ordinary gang or cartel members?

One of the investigative journalists I follow claimed in an article that the drug trade in the world was carried out by private planes. In addition, a large amount of cocaine was seized on the cargo ship of a company affiliated to JP Morgan, one of the world's largest investment banks. You can find this out by doing a Google search. Think about it, they don't even allow JP Morgan to do drugs. It's not governments that don't allow it. other large companies.

The reason I mention this issue is to reveal that those who imposed capitalism on us built their empires in such dirty ways.

The subject is too long. I'm taking a break here now. I will tell you why I think capitalism and communism are brothers. But first I need to explain why. The subject is really long and I will touch on many things from Plato to the metaverse in the continuation of the subject. They're all interconnected.

If you have patiently read to the end, wait for the sequel. My aim is to raise awareness of people on certain issues from a different perspective.

Stay with love and keep your eyes peeled…

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Capitalists and communists are for sure the same people. They always played with the minds of people to make us think that they are fighting. In fact, they are fighting us, citizens. Fighting together to keep their power and make others slaves. Or even worse, proprieties !

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2 years ago