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The internet as proposed by a computer novice is a site for browsing. Where as there are much more functions of the internet than a mare human intelligence is subjected to.

Unlike other highways which helps in transportation, the internet is a broad highway which aid the transmission of ideas and information. It connects millions of people, devices and networks together and as a result, the internet is said to be the largest network in the world. The internet is made up of public, private, academic, organization, and even government networks of local to global scope that are linked by a broad array of electronic and optical network technologies.

Most times, people often make mistakes when defining the internet and the intranet.

Intranet is a private network limited to a local geographical area usually a business organization. The intranet provides services accessibly only to those within the organization, while the internet is a global network.

The internet in one way or the other has an effect on man's everyday life. In a day over a billion users from various parts of the world make use of the internet. The internet has greatly impacted man's life in the aspect of communication especially. Our planet has been reduced to a global village by the advent of the internet. One could send emails to any part of the world from the comfort of his home. Other benefits of the internet include; entertainments, e-banking, e-learning, information exchange to mention but a few.

As it is known that there's nothing good without a bad side, so does the internet too.

Despite its numerous benefits, the internet is still being abused by its users in aspects like fraud, hacking, theft, mail bombing, spamming and its largest disadvantage *PORNOGRAPHY* which is a big threat to an individual's mental life.

The positive choices we make while using the internet for its benefits should be the same as the ones we make to avoid its disadvantages.

The internet I'd say has done more good than harm to human race. It's left for us as individuals to use the internet wisely and put an end to its abuses.

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