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1 year ago

Just today, I had to help my mum stay in the shop after service. It was not easy but I just tried to. Right in the church I was feeling sleepy and to make myself comfortable was not in my power just because sleep.

It's not easy doing all the house chores as well as cooking food. My dad would not come back home without seeing food on the table. I trust my dad to that extent.

So, just Saturday, I traveled to Lagos to buy some items for my mum where I had to encounter some funny things along. Unfortunately for me, I could not take my phone along with me as I was having a flat battery. I did not believe that I could stay awake up too now without finding myself a place to rest my head on.

Body, to be sincere, is not firewood and so we must always try to relax after enough stress. Stressing your body is not the best. I have seen many people today who tend to stress themselves and are not able to relax. They would not be able to even eat good food just to make the body palatable and to make it steady. When you stress your body, eating good and quality food must be important to you. You own your body and you know how to take good care of it. Not taking care of your body can cause another thing entirely which may be quite different from your imagination.

So, this morning, someone came to the door to wake us up while I was deep sleeping. Do you know what it is like when your sleep is interrupted or disturbed? It's not an easy one but one would feel so angry. I was so angry and was not ready to open the door as the sleep was in me. After some minutes, I decided to get up just to open the door for him. I asked him how much and what she wanted to buy. To my surprise, he said just something less than #50. This got me upset. Why on Earth must you wake someone just because of something of #50. You should see the look on my face.

Do you know what I did? I just went straight to my bed. My mum decided to force me to sell at the shop. This got me more upset. With the sleep on my eyes, how am I going to cope? Who am I to dispute or to question my mum's order?

My mum praised me today for the kind of market I sold just this morning before going to church. I was deeply happy for one hour, I was able to put a smile on my mum's face.

Yesterday, Sunday was not just good to me as I was sleeping in the church. It was unlike me. Despite the fact that I tried to keep myself awake, the sleep kept coming. It was not easy but I had to manage until we closed from church.

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