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Music comes with pleasant and unpleasant sounds. Sometimes when we dance to some music, we are very much excited. This is because it brings joy to us and to those who value it. Some people truly cannot do without music and can always dance to any forms given to them.

> “Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.” — [Kahlil Gibran](

Most of us love anything called music and cherish some kinds of music. Sometimes we see music as a means of peace. We feel at peace when we listen to some secluded kind of music. Sometimes when someone is angry or annoyed about something, he or she would be able to feel at home after listening to some kinds of music. This is why music can serve as means of bringing peace to us.

It opens the secrets of life. We live in a life where we have to keep some secrets. To be sincere, when you are striving for something, you don't have to waste your time other than to listen to music. This will wear away your immediate mood and make you feel so much at home. Your mind would be at peace and rest while listening to music.

Music is the road to mending relationships. When there is a breakage in a relationship, the possible means of amending such a relationship is through music. I still remember the story my dad told me about his love line. He said, there was a girl he loved so much and did not know how to speak to her. When she listened to one song, he used the lyrics to compose a letter which he sent to the girl. After going through the letter, the girl became love drunk. At the end, she became so glued to my dad and this made my dad so happy. So, music can bring love to the real end of life.

Most people cannot read without listening to music. They have to put on earphones in order to read and assimilate. They have made music so important and without it, they cannot read properly.

In another way, there is some music which serves as noise to humanity. These songs may be the ones one does not understand or does not like. When you live something, you can be able to make it close to you, but when you do not, your aim would be for that thing to be very far from you.

Music is the food of life. It makes people who are drawn into it become so glued to it. It serves as a firm of unity. We are United through music and music alone.

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