Boy Child Day

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Yesterday was a boy child and I have to come up with this to write about boys. There are some things I need to share to the boys which are very important. Things that can make them change their ways when they grow to become men.

Rape: Rape cannot be of help to you as it is a great sum and disgrace to humanity. Raping can destroy the love of the one been raped. The fact remains that as a boy, you should try hard to desist from it as this may bring shame to you and to your family. Remember that their is penalty allotted to those who get involved in raping. Being tagged as a rapist is not a good name, but a name that can make your image tarnish. No one wants to live a life of bad name except you are the type who does not love your life.

Those who rap can go to life imprisonment. They can go to jail for the crime they have committed. Government detest those who molest the girl child as they are precious beings. Although boys are also precious, they can destroy their personalities when they defy a girl or girls.

Abusing Your Parents: It is a sin to abuse your parents. It is a bigger sin in the sight of our creator. Our parents are our world. They have tried hard to bring us into this life. This means they have given us the right to be present in this world and to do things which we are supposed to do. Our parents are to be respected and honored to the fullest. Remember that our mothers have tried their best to carry us when we were still babies. Remember that they carry us for nine months. They have made us the best in life. They don't want to see us suffer and do not want to see us sad. We should remember that our mothers may not have enough, and yet they want to borrow to make us happy. They are ready to go the extra mile for us to feel happy. So, abusing them would be a course unto our path. When you respect your parents, you will have the mind to make it great in life.

Your Wife: When you grow into a full man, you must take good care of your wife. There are so many father's today who do not want to see their wives sad. They have great love for their wives and do not want to see them in a sad mood. They have taken upon themselves to love their wives for who they are. They have the mind of taking good care of their children and teach them to trend the right path. Since you have grown to be a man, you now have a bigger responsibility which you are to take care of. This responsibility is to promote your love life into a second phase of life.

Respect Your Nationality: Any country you are in is your dignity. You must portray your country with good names. There is no country without corruption, but all we have to do is to paint our countries with good names.

Fighting: There is no need to fight just because it can make us lose our personalities and can make people take us for granted. When we fight, we are entitled to lose so many opportunities. Remember that we are entitled to work diligently and without causing any troubles. So, when you fight there are many things you are losing. There was a man who was known as someone who did commit nuisance in the society. He was just in the community without moving forward. He later became tout and tug whom people were contacting to fight for them. After a few years, he died of what he never wanted to stop. He thought he could make a name with the act of fighting for people, but this rendered him useless and made him lose his life.

Paint your image well in society and people will respect you in the long run. Make people around you happy and learn how to render help to people. Do not deny people of their entitlement or their rights, instead make them know the true meaning of who they are. Give and help those who do not have. Help the helpless.

I remain your girl, Elohor

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