Juungle.net UI for Juungle python

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2 years ago

Juungle python package is another way to interact with Juungle.net. But for those that want to have access to some features that can't be done using Juungle.net web interface can be achieve using the pyQT UI for Juungle python package.

Why use this instead of Web interface?

This UI allow users to perform some searches that are not available using Juungle.net website:

  • By a price range (less/higher than a price)

  • By NFT name

  • Only NFT you own or those you don't own

  • NFTs that are not for sale

  • Show a price history from a NFT

How to run

The code can be found at: https://github.com/Juungle/juungle_ui

Quick start

On a directory, create a file a file called user-config.ini with juungle.net credentials


Download files:

Install juungle-python module:

$ pip install juungle


$ python juungle_app.py

How it looks like


  • Search a NFT by its name

  • Min value in BCH

  • Max value in BCH

  • Types: "All", "Only mine" or "Not mine"

  • For sale?: "All", "For Sale" or "Sold/Not for sale"

  • NFT Group (Collections): A list of ALL groups of all NFTs

  • Info

    • NFT name

    • Price in BCH

    • Price history

How to contribute or request features

Go to https://github.com/Juungle/juungle_ui

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