Fiction: A New World

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The creature woke up to a new world. She sat up, and looked around. The world was strange. Massive, ostentatious pillars loomed in the sky, in place of the ground she was used to. Clouds filled the space where the ground should be.

She got up to investigate, and was greeted by a squirrel. "Alright newbie, give me your name, preferred pantheon, and what you're the God of."

The creature was confused. "What is a pantheon?" She said.

"A pantheon is a group of gods. What is your name?"

"I have no name." The creature said.

"What is the name of your species?"

"I don't know."

"Ok. Do you know where you are?"

"No." The creature responded.

"Alright. It seems you don't understand much about the world, so I'll explain some things to you. What's your name?" The squirrel said.

"I told you, I have no name," the creature said.

"Ok. You are what we call a 'Godling'. You are a Godling. You do not have a pantheon, but you will be assigned to one in the future. For now, you are alone." The squirrel said.

"What is a God?" The creature asked.

"You are a God. You are not the only one, but you are still a God, regardless of your inexperience," The squirrel explained. "Your purpose is to create and shape new worlds. Your species was created by a much more powerful God to create new worlds with."

"Why was I created?" The creature asked.

"You were created as a tool to shape worlds." The squirrel replied. "The one who created you has already created many new worlds and is no longer fulfilling his purpose. He was no longer creating, and his duty was to create. He needed a replacement."

"Who created me?" The creature asked.

"It doesn't matter. What matters is that you know that you were created to shape worlds. He gave you the power to create and shape worlds, in order for you to fulfill his purpose for him."

The creature nodded. "This is a strange place..."

"You're not wrong. This is the place where Gods go when they create worlds. If you ever get lost, it is your hub. You will always spawn here after dying, or when you're done in a world you're in. Your species was made to create worlds, so this is your place."

"Why was my species created?" The creature asked.

"The one who created you has already created many worlds, and was mostly finished with his purpose. He needed a replacement."

"Who created me?" The creature asked again.

The squirrel sighed. "It doesn't matter. All that matters is that you know your purpose, and it has been explained to you. Do you have any more questions?"

"No," said the creature.

The squirrel looked at the creature, and nodded. "Alright, the next time you wake up, you'll be in a world. You'll be able to control your new world and you'll be a God there. Remember that you were created for this purpose, and that you have a duty to fulfill."

The creature nodded.

The squirrel sat down, and the creature did too. She thought about the words of the squirrel, and the squirrel went back to sleep.

The creature rested her head on her leg, and closed her eyes, dreaming.

The creature opened her eyes to a new world. She was floating above halfway to the ground, and looked around to see the new world that she had created. The world was a space station, with a huge habitat sphere in the center. Several smaller space stations surrounded the habitat sphere.

The creature looked at one of the smaller satellites, and to her surprise, it had a ship inside. She flew towards the ship, and observed it. Once she figured out what the ship was, she was startled by its sophistication. She had no idea anything like this existed. She flew around the ship, and examined the strange looking control panels and buttons.

She didn't know how to control the ship, and she looked around for the door. She found the door in the back of the ship, but it was locked. She flew around the ship, looking for a way to open it. Her eyes fell on a large exhaust port that seemed like it could fit her whole body into it. She flew towards the port, and saw that the door was behind it. She couldn't fit inside, so she put her back against the inside of it, and pushed herself in.

She was able to fit inside the exhaust port, but it was a tight fit. She grabbed the door with her hands and pulled it open, then pushed herself out of the port.

She spun herself around and floated into the ship, falling onto a cold, metal floor. She looked around, and saw that she was in an empty room with a control panel. She walked over to the control panel, and pressed on a button. She heard a hissing sound pressurizing the room, and smiled.

The door at the front of the room opened, and she walked out. She walked down a hall, and looked around the ship. She opened some hatches and peered into rooms. She entered the mess hall, and saw a large group of people in the mess hall. They were all studying something, and she approached them.

"Hello," she said.

They all turned their heads towards the creature that had just entered. "Uh, who are you?" One of them asked.

"I was just born into this world, and I do not know my own name. My name is..." she paused, thinking. "I will call myself Theta."

"You're a God?" One of them asked.

"Yes. I was explaining to the squirrel, who I met when I first started this world, that I was a Godling. He was a squirrel, btw," the creature said.

"A squirrel?" One of the creatures said, confused.

"Yes, he was a squirrel who had the ability to communicate with me. We got to talking about my purpose and he explained it to me. I just learned my purpose yesterday," Theta said.

"Who are you?" They all asked.

"I don't know yet. You may call me Theta. As I said, I met a squirrel, and he said that I was created to create worlds. I will create this world, and when I do, you will be inhabitants of it. I was created to shape worlds, so I will be your God and shape this world for you."

"What are we called?" One of them asked.

"I do not know. You may call yourselves... how about... People?"

"You aren't making fun of us, are you?"

No, I am not making fun of you. You are called People. That is what you are called." Theta said, smiling.

"Why did you create us?" One of them asked.

"I don't know. I was created to create worlds, and Gods are supposed to create worlds, so I created this world for you." Theta said. "I will create a world for you all to live in, and in exchange for that, you will worship me. I will create a new world for you. But I need to find a way to control the ship. I will be back soon."

Theta walked out of the room, and left the ship. She walked outside, and flew down to the habitat sphere. She looked and saw a control panel. She flew towards it and saw that it had an interface that told her what everything did. She pressed a button, and she heard the sound of an engine coming to life. She pressed another button, and the engine took off. She pressed a few more buttons, and the ship she had flown around in a few minutes ago took off.

Theta flew towards the control panel, and she entered the ship. She flew through the door, and pressed a few buttons on the control panel. "I will just go to the control panel of this ship, and control the ship from here..." She flew through the door, and in front of the control panel. She pressed a few more buttons. She looked at the control vision to see the ship she had been on fly by. "Huh, this world that I created... It's like a real space station! I can control the ship, too."

She flew back to the ship she had first flown to. "I should go inside the ship."

She walked into the ship, and looked around. She saw a door ahead of her. She walked towards it and opened it, and saw several people in the mess hall. Theta smiled, and walked in.

"Hello! I am Theta, and I have created this world for you."

"Oh, that's good to hear..." One of them said.

"I was wondering if I could ask you all to worship me. I will be your God, and your God will be able to shape this world for you. I have control over the ship which I can control from here, so I will control this world for you. You will be able to shape the world for me, and I will shape it for you. I was created to shape worlds, that is my purpose, so I must shape worlds. I am your God, and you will worship me. You will build things, and make this world beautiful, and I will give my life to make this world beautiful."

Theta sat down, and a few of them came over to her. They all bowed their heads.

"Thank you, Theta. We will do this. We will worship you, and make this world beautiful." One of them said, a woman.

"Thank you, my children. I will be your God. All that I ask is that you worship me. I will shape the world through you, and you will keep this world in shape." Theta said.

"We will worship you, then, Theta. We will make this world worthy of you, Theta." One of them said, a man.

"Thank you, my children. I will do my best to shape this world for you."

Stories all the way. Story telling is a very prominent activity done here in Africa where I am from. I will now show you all that I have a strong professionalism in it. 

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